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Hey, guys. Just finished the new Writer's Digest article about 2008 software for writers. I've never used any but I'm thinking I might need some additional help with my new mystery project. I'd love to know your opinions if you use any of the numerous packages out there. Some are free and almost all can be downloaded. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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There are good software programs out there and I have downloaded some but you must trust the site where the information is coming from to avoid any virus. You must also make sure that the programs work with the operating system on your computer. Most software programs will identify what programs are compatible. If they do not I would hesitate in using them as you would not know how they will affect your other programs.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for responding Dennis. Sounds like good advice.
Mike, you're right about the time aspect. I think I'll try a demo or a free trial and see how that goes. I need to get on with it. Thanks for responding, though. I usually outline and character sketch in a lined notebook. I suppose I can continue to do that, but I was somewhat apprehensive with so many minor characters who feed into the plot of this particular novel. Since I haven't had many comments over four sites, I guess most writers don't use the software, or...perhaps they're busy writing! LOL


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