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Use Your Imagination

Do you listen to the advice to only write about what you know?

I think that's bad advice and writers should expand their universe by stretching their imagination. I explain why in my guest blog here

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A Pretty Good Year

Today, award winning, best selling author, Tim Smith takes us on a trip down memory lane to 1972.  Tim has given us a kaleidoscope look at a year that included many ground-breaking events. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

1972 was a noteworthy year, not only for the Watergate scandal and the impending end of the Viet Nam war, but for many things that are still part of our lives 50 years later. Numerous puzzle pieces came together to form an interesting…


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John Kremer Interviews Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy

In an interview with John Kremer of the Book Marketing Success Podcast, Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, talks about search engine result pages and knowledge panels.

Jason Barnard is author of The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business: Google Is Your New Business Card and It Is Up to You to Optimize…


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Heroes To The Public Villains To The Law by Marta Nater

Heroes To The Public Villains To The Law by Marta Nater is the finale for this series. A nail-biting and interesting read, I loved that the author has included a short recap in her first chapter, making it easier to follow the story without having to go back and check for the significance of side characters.

This is a fitting…


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Book Marketing Q&A via Zoom Includes Six Videos!

John Kremer celebrated his birthday on National Nothing Day (January 16th) with a marathon Q&A session about marketing books. Here are six half-hour episodes based on a 3-hour Zoom session John held with seven book authors.

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Q&A #1 —

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Q&A #2 —…


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Marooned: A Prequel to the Arcadia's Children Series

Marooned by Andrew R Williams is the prequel to Arcadia's Children series. Now we get to the part where and how everything started - Arcadia. It's a well written story with a lots of twists, turns and suspense with a good measure of intrigue thrown into the mix. I love the character and world building in this novel, just like the author's other books from this series.…


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Podcasts Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Do You Want to Sell More Books? Then Create a Daily or Weekly Podcast. Listen in as I describe a recent survey that reveals the power of podcasting:

John Kremer…


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I'll Wait for the Book

This month, award-winning, best-selling author, Tim Smith, compares some well-known novels to the movies they inspired.  

 Scriptwriters have long used novels and short stories as the basis for their work, for both movies and TV shows. I suppose good ideas are hard to come by in Hollywood, so why not poach someone else’s blood, sweat and tears, right? And who among us hasn’t daydreamed about our book being turned into a blockbuster film or Netflix series? In their defense,…


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FEATURED BOOK - Heroes To The Public Villains To The Law


In this third and final book novel emerges a new teen villain, named Darla daughter of the beast known as Shadow Claw.  Upon Cora's return to New York, law enforcement and the FBI is faced with Cora's ruthless wrath again. Cora's return brings her previous…

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My name is Bee Bee, well, at least that’s what everyone calls me, and I’m 15, nearly 16. The last year has been tough, and I’ve found myself on the Empress of Incognita, travelling through the stars toward a new life with my dad and step-mum. Or at least…


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Consenting Adult by Peter Skeels

Consenting Adult by Peter Skeels is an interesting and thought-provoking read. The lead Jonathan is trying to rewrite the ten commandments to suit the current era, so the author walks us through how he goes about it and his thought process during this time. 
He has some interesting information and comparisons of different religious view points. While I don't accept that we have to rewrite anything in the Bible and I don't believe it's a dated book, it's a different perspective…

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Summer in the Waiting Room


June 7, 2022

Available in paperback and on Kindle.



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Make Money with Snipfeed!


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It Happened Yesterday! What are you going to do today?

Title: It Happened Yesterday! What are you going to do today?

What is the It? It can be something traumatic, it can be mourning the loss of family member or loved one. It can be shooting your family member; it covers a multitude of things.

Not to tell you how to feel or grieve; however, there are moments in our life that sometimes that can keep us stuck in that traumatic circumstances. Okay, let me point at myself, for over twenty years I have been trying to get…


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The First Twenty Years are the Toughest

Today, my guest blogger, best-selling, award-winning romance author Tim Smith shares some of the unique, often amusing, experiences he's had during his writing career.

April marks 20 years since I became a published author. I’d been writing before then, but “Memories Die Last,” the first novel in my popular Nick Seven spy series, was released by a traditional publisher in 2002. To date, I’ve published 28 books (mostly novels, and some shorter ones), and have…


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Second Edition of A Christmas Kindness


Author: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Publisher: 4RV Publishing

Pages: 52

Genre: First Chapter Reader


Eight-year-old Robert is eager to share his wish list with Santa…


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I Own My Magic: Self Talk for Black Women by G. Michele Goodloe, LCSW

Practice self-love, embrace mindfulness, and build a positive daily ritual with inspiring prompts, meditations, and reflections just for Black women.

You’re aware of the way you talk to others, but how do you talk to yourself? Is your self-talk in need of a kindness boost? Improve your self-esteem and love the woman that you are with these powerful affirmations. A celebration of Black female identity, this book contains a huge dose of confidence in a small,…


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Becoming A Virtuous Woman Daily Devotions For Women

Becoming A Virtuous Woman Daily Devotions For Women has Inspirational Scriptures, Powerful Prayers, Meaningful Positive Affirmations, and Dynamic Images to get your days starting joyfully and your nights ending serenely.


Each morning and night contain a scripture, a prayer, a positive…


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