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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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Thank you for telling my story. I appreciate that. Don't give up. Giving up is an option. But one question remains. Is it the best option. The answer is no. Has it ever been the best option. Not at all. Will it ever be the best option. Of course, the answer is again no. Good luck!
My biggest challenge is the setting for my first two books. Published in the US, I live in Canada, my books are set in Wales.

Although my books are listed on, I have not purchased from them and can't do much to offer discounts, etc. I can do it on but I'm still fighting The postage from there to Canada would be enormous but I guess I'll have to bite the bullet.
There is an easier way if you know anyone living in the UK. I usually buy for someone over there, I have relatives working in London and many, many years ago I met someone from Bath that I write to regularly. You can buy a book from anywhere and have it shipped to anywhere. Obviously this won't work if you don't know anyone, but there should be some way. I just thought I would mention this idea.

Brilliant idea! Thank you so much.

All of my family live in Wales so I could drop ship to my sister.

Duh! I feel totally stupid for not thinking of that. Now to check out if will accept my credit card payment or if I'll have to use something like PayPal. I want to avoid the other payola (or something like that) because they charge a hefty annual fee.

Great, I am so happy to have helped. I have not had a bit of trouble using a card. I hope it works for you.
Dr M
I tried to find your book in the UK and the US and there was nothing under: Pamela Leah Crompton. If you have a pen name, I will be glad to look at your book. Dr M
My author name is P. L. Crompton.

The "Look Inside" feature is on the second link.

Thanks for checking for me.

Good, I have opened the page and I am going to sign out here and head over that way.

Dr M
i found the actual writing of The Mouse's Tale to be the easy part - it was a subject that i am passionately interested in and required little research. The hard part is now the marketing of the book - and dealing with the IRS which is a different subject entirely. Just dont know where to go as regards marketing.
I have just left Dane a message on his storytelling experience. In viewing his pictures, I may have noticed an artifact that he did not mention. I sent him this note. You can copy the link below and see for yourself. It is the pointed stone right in the middle of the bone collection which I assume is in a gravel bar or under water. Take a look.

Date: 10/2/2010, 4:59 pm, EDT
Name: Dr Robert E McGinnis
Number: 1,907
Look again at your picture under storytelling. If you look closely, you might see what I have seen. The flint point that killed the body that the bones belonged too looks to be right in the center. You have have seen this already, but you did not mention it, and I wanted you to be sure to revisit your picture. I collect flint arrow points in American and in blowing up the picture to a larger size, I am fifty percent sure you have taken a picture of bones, but also the cause of the death of those bones.
Dr Robert E McGinnis
author of Indian stories
Marketing! It is constant work. You gotta stay on the ball and make it happen. I just need some help and suggestion on where and how to market.
My biggest challenge is breaking through the walls that people erect to avoid having their traditions and favorite opinions questioned and refuted. Though those walls are starting to crumble for some, many are still attempting to reinforce them, thinking that ages-old errors are preferable to timeless wisdom.

Buddy Page
Seven Star Hand


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