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What's Your Biggest Challenge with Your Book?

I'd be interested to learn what authors/publishers on this network think their biggest challenges are with their book. I wonder if there's any common, pervasive challenge we all face.

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My biggest challenge today is promoting another author's book. Please help!

Come read this week's edition of What I Am Reading featuring The Carnarvon Creeper by Martin Murphy

*Grin*  My biggest challenge today is trying to figure out how to get 4-Lan to review Highway to the Stars: The Beginning  before the sequel Blood Red Sky is released.

Notice that's the Amazon Smile link.. I encourage everyone to use Smile and choose their favorite charity to donate effortlessly with every Amazon purchase.


That isn't that much of a challenge. 4-Lan loves good books.

Sorry, some how I missed the notification that a reply was posted in this discussion. I have a few other books lined up right now but if you want to get a hold of me on my page, I will give you my editor's email address to send the book to.

Thanks R. Casteel :-)

Oh and be sure to follow the link above and post your comment on my review of The Carnarvon Creeper


One of the biggest challenge is finishing the manuscript. If it's done, everything will follow.

How do you promote an e-book? While I have two previous books in print (CREED, Haze), my publisher decided to offer my latest book (Walking the Camino Sagrado) in only e-book format. Thus, I'm having difficulty marketing it. Any suggestions?

Writing for me is easy; publishing is not, as evidenced by my woeful lack of sales.

Oh well, it's a good thing that I don't have to write for a living.

The biggest challenge will be getting more people to know about your book. Here's a new way to get your book trailer seen for FREE!

Money is supposed to flow to the author, not from the author. Regardless of the free offer - money is wanted from the author after a period of time. I will never pay anyone to hawk my screeds; if they cannot stand on their own merit, then they shouldn't have been written anyway.

Troubles? Well, where to start?

First, since I'm an absolute maniac, I decided to write a fantasy book in English, even though I'm Portuguese, never travelled out of my country and my English, other the taught in high school, is self taught.

Second, I am pushing to become a writer against the wishes of my parents, who feed me, clothe me and shelter me, which made me write in secret and mostly wreck my academic education because I’m much too addicted in literature. That and I’m too stubborn to admit to my parents that I’m wrong and that I can’t become a writer.

Third, I think I write too much. My first book which I’m trying to publish with the help of Kickstart is roughly 160k words. The second and third books (yes, I’m trying to publish the first book, the other two are mostly done) are roughly 190k and 200k words. And yet, I read the damnable thing and think it’s just the right size!

Fourth, lack of support. I don’t have credible reviews. Most my personal friends aren’t proficient in English and those who are don’t like to read. I only have my opinion to guide me. And that’s a bit tricky, because perspective is very important in plotting a story. Self-doubt sort of festers if unattended. Plus, it’s a bit lonely. =(

I suppose this is the part where I start singing “All by myself”

I'll say one thing - your English is damn good. I pound out lengthy screeds myself - then I edit the hell out of them. The first draft of Dark Resurrection was over 250,000 words long - so I split it and edited it into two books. One is on Amazon, wasting time and space, the other is languishing on a CD ROM somewhere.


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