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Raising Money for Charity While Making a Profit

One of my goals with my book The Spiritual Entrepreneur is to show people that you can use your business to raise money for charity while making a profit, and that it's completely ethical and moral to do so.

For a couple of thousand years we've been indoctrinated into believing that when we give to a charity then we must make a sacrifice, or otherwise our giving 'doesn't count'.

This very concept comes from a limited mindset that says that 'In order for one to gain, another must lose, or sacrifice'. In an expanding and abundant Universe this is simply untrue. The very idea is as obsolete and outdated as thinking that 'witches float'.

In many cases this mindset is the product of our past programming. Your mind works in many ways like a computer. Learning to change that programming simply requires you to think about things in a new way.

One new way that people can begin to think is through a win/win perspective. For you to win, in other words, does NOT require that someone else lose. Everyone has their own goals to achieve and their own path to follow. The simplest way to create a win/win scenario is to know what you want and then look for how you can help others get what they want while they help you get what you want.

Let's look at how that works with a real life scenario;
What I want - I want to spread the message that you can use your business to support charities while making a profit.

Charities want – Money, PR, larger networks, more supporters.

Entrepreneurs want – a product with a decent commission that they can sell and which they don't have to invest money in. This gives them an infinite Return On Investment (ROI).

Other People want – Passive Income, to get their online business started, training in eCommerce, an automated system.

Here's how everyone wins;
I'm launching my fall '08 Spiritual Entrepreneur Fundraiser on October 15th. My goal is to raise $100,000 for charity while proving that you can raise money for charity and make a profit.

I'm making my book, The Spiritual Entrepreneur available as a loss leader and my publishing company is donating most of the profits from the book (retaining twenty eight cents per copy sold).

Associates can sign up to sell the book and our Associates make a 40% commission. Associates can also refer other people to become Associates. The referring Associate will make a $1 per copy commission on each book sold by someone they refer. Associates are encouraged to set a sales goal of at least 100 books.

We also have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities (to help pay for books and marketing) and sponsors will be listed in the book and on our websites. Sponsors can get involved for as little as $300.

I'll donate $5 per copy for each book sold through this fundraiser with the goal of selling 20,000 books. This means that our Sponsors get great advertising, our Associates make $6.78 per book sold, the charities get $100,000.

Selling 20,000 books sounds like a lot until you break it down into bite sized chunks. There are over 23,000,000 businesses in the US and I only need 200 of them to sell 100 books each to meet our goals!

The interesting thing about this fundraiser is that everyone wins!

To learn more about The Spiritual Entrepreneur Fundraiser see our website at

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You have a great idea. I went to your site to get the free download but could not find the link. I am considering joining the event but I first want to look at the information before I commit. Raising money for charity is great but I would also like to know what charity will be benefited as you did not mention it in this forum topic.



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