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How Can We Help Each Other in an Organized Plan?

I do a program out there in the "big world" called The Science of Networking and the Art of Connection". One of the earlier studies revealed that we each know between 750-1000 others and obviously those figures are way up today because of wonderful social sites like this one.

How can we structure a plan to extend this "power" to market our books out there and to make many more aware that we even have a book.

I'll look forward to receiving your answers and "I'm ready" to get on board!!

Peggy Collins
Author of Help Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Why Doing It All Is Dong You In

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I have added family friendly author web sites to my site. This helps other authors to gain exposure for their writing. My web site is I would also like to see more interaction between those that are connected as friends. I have sent several emails to some of my friends which I now have almost 200. If we see a topic that interest other writers or organizations they know we could let those organizations become aware of books that would interest their members.
Well, I would gladly help you, but I suppose it would be quite difficult to setup an international multilanguage network... You know, I'm Italian and I write in my own language. I know several writers and I have my own network, mostly in my country. In any case, the point is: once we have a network, how can we use it? We write different genres, and apart to be writers, what would be our distinguishing element, Every group, every association, should have a peculiar characteristics to attract the market.
Good question Peggy. For me, I'm working with another here to start a mastermind group but that will be limited to about 5-6 people; also do a podcast interviewing authors which goes internationally; and attend 3 local networking groups, one of which is actually national yet, no one really knows of me in the latter except the groups I actually attend and/or speak at.

Dario also raises a good question.. international multi-language network when one only speaks one language?

What to do?

Peggy-I'm writing some articles, blog entries, and ultimately a report on how the role of the internet has marginalized the impact that books have today. It is what I call "The Death of Paper."

Books today are being marginalized by the role that the internet is playing. See "Web 2.0" technology. The true power in word of mouth marketing today is found in blogs, podcasting, online communities and social networking sites.

Your question about how we can leverage our power is a valid one. However, we need to look towards the new source of that power which is ultimately found online.

BTW- I was pretty sure that most stats cited that the average person knows 250? I never heard of 700. That's a big network that most people haven't tapped into :(

Food for thought.


PS. Love some of your thoughts on networking. I have a couple articles and an ebook mention my insight on networking. Although, I really detest the word, networking, and prefer Netweaving. An approach that Bob Littell advocates. I prefer to call it The People Business, myself.


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