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Hi all -

To get your How-to on writing up an ad and selling your book on Craig's List, you need to email me at I have a PDF I can send you but I can't send it unless you give me your email address. Thanks for all the responses; it's been amazing to hear from so many!


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i would love a pdf copy. I go on Craigslist for other things but never gave a thought to advertise the books.

If I haven't sent this to you already... please email me at and I will get it out to you ASAP.

Has anyone really sold a substantial number of books using this method? Most of the books listed on Craig's list are used books and old books out of a private collection I tried it and didn't get any interest.
I derive most of my sales from my website with a good google ranking, writing articles seems to work for me.
Hi Shannon. I would like a copy of the PDF to see how that works. I have thought of doing this in the past but I just don't know how efficiant it is. I need to market this book of mine though.
TLC guy

Actually, I haven't heard back from anyone yet on actual sales #s. Maybe I need to put up a new post to everyone here and ask about that! Please send me your email at and I will send the PDF to you.

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for making such a generous offer - oh - and you've got more mail!


Hi Shannon,

Thanks for this offer. Please send me your pdf to:

Martha Tucker
Hi Shannon;

Please send me your PDF. Thanks so much.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
Hi Shannon, thanks for the PDF, and all the other advice. I will keep you posted on my experience with AuthorHouse. Once I get my book out there, I will share everything, step by step with this community. I will also offer insight as to what I would do differently.
Wonderful to hear from you Dan... please let me know how you're doing!
Hello Shannon,

I would love a copy.

Please send me a copy of your how to on writing up an ad and selling my books on Craig's list.
Viola Palmer


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