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Hi Everyone:
What books have you written and what are they about ?


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My book, “YOU TWO! FALL IN – IN THREE RANKS!” ISBN 9781847538383 can be purchased from

It's about some of the funny incidents that happened while I was serving in the British Army from 5th November 1956 to 1st June 1981. There were bad times and good times. I’m glad to say that the good outweighed the bad. The good times stay with you and, thankfully, the bad fade into antiquity.

I met many brave and outstanding people in my time; they performed their duty for Queen and Country in true military fashion. The surprising thing was that these outstanding men were the bane of the depot drill sergeant’s life. They had two left feet, couldn’t swing their arms and, once dressed in uniform; they resembled a sack of potatoes tied around the middle with string. One soon learnt that the old saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ couldn’t be more apt.

In the telling, many details are left out or taken for granted. The tales themselves are honed on the storytellers’ stone to suit the audience. Items or events are deleted or added to enhance the tale in its best light. In reality, after many recitations by others and me, the truth is often a million miles away from the actual facts.
My book is Peter Carrot-top "in search of the 8th key" mostly fantasy fiction for all ages, if you like harry potter you will love Peter carrot-top. have many more on file, but self publishing cost alot thanks I love writing happy adventurous books, that let the human mind believe in the impossible


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