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I am building a list of reviewers. However, I have no idea where to find reviewers in my genre: Motivational/Self-Help/Spiritual. How does one go about finding who to sent your book to and what is required?

Thank you for any help!

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Copied these sources down too, Amber. Thanks for the input!
Hi Susie,
If you are interested in an Indian review I will help
because I am a member of the Hypnotique circle
and I am interested in self -Help books
Thank you, Padma. How would it work? How do I get you the book?
you can e-mail your chapters and pl tell me how long you want your review to be .
I am actually a fan of Dale carneidge books

Hi I am a Book Reviewer and love the Motivational/Self Help Spiritual ones, in fact the last one I reviewed was I AM  Journey of Enlightenment by Stephen Shaw. If you want to send me some to read can you send in pdf as I have a Reader on my computer. I publish on all the websites and can give you links to read some


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