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What to do on a booksigning?, and what not to do on a booksigning?

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Sit there!
Get up, be quietly active, smile at people walking the aisles, keep your table or booth well stock and neat.

Engage even passersby with a friendly smile, have plenty of giveaways (pens, bookmarks, signed cover flats)

DO: Thank your host, and send a follow up thank you letter (not email)
What are cover flats?
A cover flat is the cover only, the whole cover including the back cover with ISBN, publisher info/logo etc.

Many printers don't provide cover flats for promo, but if you can get a PDF from your publisher with embedded fonts, if necessary, you can take the sample to Kinko's and have them print up a quantity on good quality cardstock. Take them everywhere with you, and sign each one as you hand them out with a nifty tag line and your pen name.

lol, sorry, but the only tag line that is coming to my weary brain at the moment is life is BETTER than a box of chocolates!
Thanks for the info.

My cover designer is putting the cover into a pdf file for the printer. Can I use the same pdf file?

Now I have to figure out a tag line? And I thought getting the ISBN number was the biggest hurdle I had. LOL... And it was!!!! Not anymore. *sigh* Inspite of it all, I am having so much fun!!! Who says marketing can't be fun!?
yeppers, just load the PDF from the designer onto a thumb drive or CD, take it in to a decent print ship and get a few dozen copies, or ask about discounts and specials.

yeah, marketing can be a blast, lol
So much to learn! In a marketing teleconf that I attended for books the speaker said "not to do everything. To delegate." Well I have no one to delegate to and no money at this time to hire anyone. All the money that is coming in is going directly to my book already and there is never any extra. I am sure most authors can relate to that. Anyway, I have to learn it all myself and I want to learn it all NOW! Not practical I know, but that is the way I am. I have so much knowledge in my head. I just can't seem to find the file drawer I put it in. *grin*

Thanks for the support!!!!!
Love the way you speak, and Acaqedheart too...
Thank you for all the advice...
Please come again........
I do have a copy of the file...
I would follow this advice always... Thank you..
I co-own and run an English bookstore in Istanbul. We work with a lot of schools during their book fair week. During this time schools invite different authors to come and participate.I have also done book signing events at B&N for my book Culture Smart Turkey.

You want to leave a positive impression with every one you meet. Even if they are not particularly interested in the subject you wrote about, if they like you, they may buy your book. I am surprised how many people are always thrilled when they learn I am an author. It is something they go home and tell their family and friends, etc.

Turkish society is quite formal and I am always surprised when I see authors acting very dignified (OTT) and send messages by body language of being stand offish, superior, formal and don't engage passer-byers. These are some points on what not to do.

If you are just shy, you need to work on trying to greet people and chat.

If you have time you may enjoy reading my column:
Best to you,
Thank you so-much..Every advice is helpful friend.

When you're having a book signing take a person with you. I'm a publicist and I tell all of my authors take a scout with you. The scout should first identify the people in the store that are looking for books that are of your genre. This establishes who is in the store and who already reads your genre. Your scout should at that time let that person or persons know that the author (give authors name) author of give title of book is in the store signing his /her latest novel.
Be sure to ask the rep at the bookstore to make an announcement over the PA system letting everyone in the store know that a book signing is in progress and everyone is welcome to stop by your table located at the such and such of the store.

Have a person bring a camera and take photos during your book signing. Use your photos later on your website. Don't have a website go to we can create a web presence for as low as $200.00.

Draw a crowd and read a small caption from your book.


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