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I produce a blogtalk radio show called: Trimaxx Blogtalk Radio "Authors Speak Out!" This show is hosted by Odessa Maxwell. We interview authors of all genre's whose books are in print. If you are interested in being interviewed, please send a media package to: or or to Odessa Maxwell at: and you will be scheduled for our upcoming shows. I look forward to hearing from you!

*show times are only changed if unavoidable for time zone considerations & author responsibilities

Trimaxx Publishers also does book reviews in Javon64's Ecstasy Monthly Newsletter. At the moment I am doing them until I get another reviewer as our reviewer of the last few years could no longer do it. So, if you would like your book reviewed please send me a request to

I use the yahoo address for most mail because there is more storage and I get alot of mail daily!

If you are not sure what is in a media package, then I will tell you what I need.

...on a Word Document:

Author Bio (short)
Book info: Title, ISBN #, excerpts, website information, contact info an attachment on the same email:

author pic & graphic of book cover


Writers, keep this in mind:

The Trimaxx Publishers website gets close to a million views per month
The Ecstasy Monthly Newsletter has almost 90,000 subscribers as of this month.
The Trimaxx Blogtalk Radio Show “Authors Speak Out!” listener base is growing weekly….

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Carolanne D. Grant
Trimaxx International Publishers, LLC
PR-Media/Promotions/Marketing & Management

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