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This is a forum to allow people to showcase the things they've done that have worked well for them in marketing their books. Please share your stories here. Then we can all read them and learn from them. If we work together, we will all be much stronger and more successful in marketing our books.

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It's not reviews you want. You want interviews. Interviews will sell many more books than bland reviews.

Connect with general interest magazines, senior citizen magazines, and magazines you think your audience reads.

For contact information on many major magazines (and a few newspapers), see

I suggest one key resource: USA Today Life section - the Friday section on travel. Suggest 10 Key Places Senior Citizens Would Really Like or something like that. They do a feature every Friday on 10 places to see, be, visit, kiss at, eat at, etc. Give it a senior spin.

At authors and poets take top billing and can promo their works. It's been running for four years and has 100s of articles from authors from all over. I invite you to send in an article to promo you book or ideas on writing and publishing. We are in the mainstream of authors helping authors.


John Wolf

I'm excited to share that I'm having my very first book signing this Saturday.

My book has been selling well at a local gift and consignment shop, and this weekend, the entire shopping center is holding a Grand Re-opening event.  Since I'm considered a vendor, I will be 1 of 12 who will set up shop outside the store!  I'm very excited.

I went to Kinko's and had my book super-sized; a poster mounted on foam core.  It looks great and I think it will be an effective tool in bringing people (women mainly) over to my table.  Of course, I'm also bribing them with a pretty little bowl of wrapped chocolates :)

I've also made up book marks and little info/bio sheets complete with an invite to my blog (w/link included), an excerpt from my book and the link to order a copy for a friend.  I've created 2 of these - 1 version will be tucked into the book thanking the person for their purchase, and the other has all the same information  meant for the curious ones who would like the info but haven't bought the book. 

I'm going to display my book facing the crowd up on a beautiful wrought iron stand/easel and behind it will be my contributor copy of Victoria Magazine inviting people to pick up the July/August issue when it hits the stores on June 14th.  My article, "I Remember Paris," is in this issue.  I figure I'm not just marking my book, I'm marking myself, as well.

I'm very excited about Saturday.  I just received my books today - the rest is up to God!

I wish you a great event today. It should be fun.
Let's have some more success stories. And if you can't tell a success story, tell us your tragedy.

I have one!  After many headaches and a few heavy-hitting emails, my book finally appeared on Amazon today with the correct information!!  For the past week or so, Amazon's price was a whopping $145.67 per copy when it should have been only $14!  Ridiculous, but their error - not mine :)


I actually see that error happen all the time, with many books that I've searched.

I sent out dozens of e-mails marketing my book, Being a Senior Citizen. In the copy I had links to Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc. Someone told me that having those links could consider it Junk/spam mail. I that true?

Patrick Kennedy

Not true. Those links shouldn't impact your spam ranking for an email.

But your sales message could. Two many BUY words. Too many FREE words. Too many SALESY words could get your message marked as spam.

Come Back Early Today

A Marketing Activity that Worked Wonders for My Book Sales: Giving Away Free Books

I have given away a number of copies of my book, Come Back Early Today. This has had three direct beneficial results.

1. Several friends of people I gave books to purchased copies for themselves. For example, I gave a copy of my book to my vet and five of her staff members immediately ordered copies.

2. Some people who got free books subsequently bought copies to give to their friends.

3. Many people who got free books subsequently wrote reviews on Amazon, and I’m confident others will, too, as soon as they finish reading the book.

None of these things would have happened had I not given away the books in the first place.

Marie Marley

- Marie Marley, PhD., author of Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy – A passionate love story of a young American woman and a delightfully eccentric Romanian gentleman interspersed with an inspirational guide for Alzheimer’s caregivers everywhere.

For more about the book, see

Note: The value of reviews is not only seen on Amazon, but also on GoodReads, Shelfari, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks. People who like you or your book will tell others.

We could still use more success stories here. Please share your successes, no matter how small. They might inspire other authors on this network to do something that could really spur their success.

As I have metioned in another post - we focussed a lot on a catchy front cover of my book "Our Explosive Sun" and the topic of the book is also something most people are interested in + we added content that are very useful in the class room. It is basically based on my popular science lectures while working at NASA.

The Norwegian version was published 2 years ago and sold 3500 copies here in little Norway. Quite good to be a popular science book.

It has just been release world wide by Springer and it is already available at Amazon and in most online book stores. It is fun to google the book and see all the hits.. Anyone with experience on this - of so many hits is promising for sales??

Springer will do a press-release in a few week - and it will be interesting to see how that may boos the sale.

Any other good advice? Where to market such a book? Teachers forums? Please let me know..


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