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Authors let's interview each other on Twitter?

This Monday, Eliza Earsman and I are going to interview each other on Twitter. Hope will join in and check it out at

So what do you think about this new promotion idea? Just let me know.

Peace and Light: Gary.

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Thanks Gary for the update. I will tune in for your interview.

I think it is a great idea. I will look Monday to see how you do it as there is a 140 character limit. I would be willing to participate.
Launa and Dennis: So did you get a chance to see our first author interview on Twitter? Let me know if you want to try one. Here is the summary by Eliza Earsman:

Thank you Gary for requesting this interview.

My author name is Eliza Earsman. I was born and raised in the southern lowlands of Scotland. I like clean air and decent people. I am a member of literary communities and have traveled internationally.

Experience has brought me into close contact with most of those named in Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story. See

These brutally honest published works have done much to raise international awareness about Freemasonry. The high-profile works include an affiliated Collection of Verse – nonfiction, 108 pages.

The books:

Britain's UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) Mountbatten-Windsor Royal family/ their familiar spirits/inner-circle Scottish Ritual Freemasons, try to silence this author! Details emerge of their World War III agenda.

Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story is a war document. Details lodged with Institute of War Documentation, Holland. Security analysis verified.

For personal, national, and international reasons, these works must go public.

Gift buying: Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story, and A Collection of Verse, available through

Buy together/DISCOUNTED via (free USA/military postage + gift wrap available).
Hey friends, Stephanie Frank has decided to do a Twitter interview with me this Friday at 9:00A, Pacific time. Hope you will tune in:
Sure. The idea is to interact and promote our work together. The more buzz, the greater the interest. Are you interested in pursuing this? Just let me know. Have a great weekend...Gary.
Gary, sounds like a great idea. I'd love to participate. I'm currently promoting my new release DEMON HUNTER 2: SEEK & DESTROY by doing a virtual tour. I find it's the best way to gain exposure for an ebook.

Author of Thrills and Chills

Have you faced your demons yet?
Demon Hunter 2: Seek & Destroy available now!
Contact Me: Blogger Twitter

Okay, great. You might want to first visit my Hub Page for more info about the process: Then if you want to try one, just put a message on my profile page about the best date and time for you. I'm booked next week, but the following week looks good. And remember, I'm on Pacific time. Best wishes for your success...Gary.
Excellent. Then please read my post in the above to Cynthia Vespia. And stay in touch with me on my profile page. Peace and Light...Gary.
Had a great Twitter interview yesterday with Don Payne:

Tomorrow will interview at 10 Pacific

Next Thurs: our very own at 12 Noon Pacific.

Anybody else interested? Gary


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