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Perhaps the biggest reason book sales flounder is lack of visibility- readers may have already purchased something similar or found another way to solve their problem. Your book wasn't in front of them when their need was highest.

Secondly, sometimes readers don't know the book's value or undervalue the information in the book. They don't want to take a chance on or invest in something unproven.

Powered by innovative technology and inbound content, the Lumos Enhanced Book Listing Platform is designed to help you tackle these challenges effortlessly, resulting in the increased online visibility of your books and significantly improved book sales!

It leverages a book's content and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to generate questions and answers about a book in a snap! This means it will increase the number of ways Google will direct a search to the book, pushing it up on the list of search results.

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Have you looked into Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion? Or Chick Lit Cafe? They  both do an excellent job of getting authors books in the spotlight and helping to get those book sales coming in. 


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