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“Bullies Exposed”

By Mark Glamack, author/illustrator of “Littluns: And the Book of Darkness”


What Is A Bully?


A bully is a lowlife who intimidates, terrorizes, persecutes, torments, frightens, oppresses, browbeats, and harasses the innocent among us. They prey on those they think are weak where it gives them power over that other person and if not stopped usually leads to violence.


The Bully at School

A person’s first experience of a bully usually begins at a very young age. Through jealously, intimidation and a bloated sense of self, it can be a sibling in the family who chooses to have controlling power over their sister or brother. But, usually one’s first experience comes at school where we have our first encounter with a bully. It begins with words of intimidation for them to test the waters, demonstrating their egregious dominance over the other person. If the bully sees weakness, the bullying increases until it eventually leads to violence. The bully usually has a minion entourage of fellow losers that follow him around providing the same mindset of intimidation to further degrade their victim. By themselves they are usually weak, but as a group they feel invincible in numbers. If they don’t mend their ways, these moronic predators of a useless and wasted existence usually drop out or are expelled from school; end up criminals or scrape up a living to make ends meet as they reluctantly and defiantly acclimate into the civilized world.

Fists to Knives and Guns

There was a time when bullies only used fists to demonstrate their superiority over their prey. But sometimes their victim would fight back, and win, which would usually lead to their group’s disbandment. So these cowards of inequity started using knives and guns, further terrorizing the civilized and peace loving people who become their victims.

The Malevolent, Wicked, and Evil Among Us



From the malevolent bully at school, to the wicked bully gangs who claim neighborhoods (territories) that don’t legally belong to them, to the bully dictator wielding his domination over the people, and the evil bully terrorists around the world where murder and extermination becomes their ultimate goal; we the civilized people of the world demand that justice be served and enforced to the full extent of the law. Anything less is not acceptable.

Better yet, imagine if the bully predators woke up and realized the error of their ways. Imagine if a bully turned his/her negative energy into positive efforts for good works. Imagine if a bully redirected all that useless negativity and took a step in the right direction. Imagine a better world under God.

Bullies Exposed in a world of building chaos and at                                    


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