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Would you consider going into E-book publishing or you would still prefer to go through the traditional paper publisher?

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I'm doing both e-books and paper. I feel e-books are the way to go. More and more electronic devices can now download books.
I am doing both. Writers must offer their work in all types as you never know what readers will want or what will be the latest thing to get the interest of readers. Some readers like a paper book while others may enjoy an ebook format.
Just curious, which method is netting a better income for the moment?
Hi Edward,

My last two books were from one of the big pubs. But I've recently become a big fan of ebooks and now have an ereader. I would definitely look into epublishing if it were one of the better epublishers with more advantages to the author. I see many have come a long way and what's good about epubs now is that most of them will release a print book. I know some print authors turn their nose up at epublishing but times are changing. What's important to me is not the name or size of the publisher (been with a big one, so I've had experience with that), but what's important to me now is being happy with a pub and getting a pub who will actively promote their authors and I see a lot of epubs and small presses get very involved.

So being with a traditional publisher, I still say the experience is what's important to me. I gotta be happy and happy with the product. So yes, I'd try out epublishing. I'd prefer to be with one who also does print books though. I think the industry is too difficult now for people to turn their nose up to different options like they have in the past. But the epublisher would have to actively promote and be one that's popular enough where their authors have solid fanbases even if it's just in the ebook community.

Best Wishes!


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