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Hello all!  I work with Morgan James Publishing, the Entrepreneurial Publisher.  I'm reaching out in the event that you are ready to publish your book.

There are many options to publishing, and oftentimes authors waver between self-publishing or going the traditional route.  There are pros and cons to each one.  Self-publishing is wonderful in the sense that you get to keep on all control over your book and you keep all profit that come from sales, but also all costs come out of your pocket as well.  Strictly traditional publishing typically grants you an advance and royalties, but you lose all your intellectual rights (or most of them!) and have to work hard to be involved in the process of having your book come to fruition.  And more often than note, sales do not pay-out the advance and authors never manage to receive their royalties.  And did you know authors assume the bulk of marketing their book to the public?!

Morgan James is different, and I'd love to talk to you about how different.

Here are a few benefits with working with Morgan James Publishing from our one-sheet:

• Higher Author Royalties
• Book planning based on helping you maximize your brand and vision
• National distribution of your book
• A dedicated sales team to get your book placed
• Better discount on copies authors purchase (print cost plus a percentage)
• Enrollment in the Morgan James Speakers Group
• Small advances available
• Entrepreneurial Vision Mastermind with David Hancock, CEO of Morgan James, Publisher Rick Frishman, Publishing Director Jim Howard and marketing director Bethany Marshall to help you plan the book's strategy, including 40 hours of virtual assistant time to help you get started.
• Access to top thought leaders in public relations, membership web site development, and internet marketing
• Long-term thought leadership and strategy on a continual basis, you will have regular access to marketing strategists.
• Visit to learn more. To compare see how we compare with others in the marketplace visit

I would love to talk further about what Morgan James can do for you to help you succeed and how we differ from the other publishing companies out there.


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