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I've had it.  After 21 books (3 more in the can), I'm ready to turn over many books to some retail, publishing, or distribution outfit and let them take over everything for almost any share of the royalties.  Why?  I've pumped all royalties back into writing the next book over 10+ years, so my book business (an oxymoron?) is always in the red.  I'm in the unusual situation of having an extensive catalog I'm no longer able to market.  This situation is so unusual that I have no idea if there is an outfit out there who will do what I want, so I'm asking here.

I have four series in the mystery, thriller, and sci-fi genres, or their combinations, and many stand-alones (books not in a series--all my books can be read independently from others).

Has anyone had this problem?  Doe anyone know a solution?  While I want to go on writing (my muses--banshees with tasers--know I have more stories in me), I've had it with this "indie freedom" (I never did all of it DIY anyway).  Weigh in if you have any suggestions.


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