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Got a Blog? I would Love to follow, just message me your link!

This is pretty simple and straight up:

If you have a blog I would like to become a follower.

Please leave me your blog link I will follow and also make mention of it here on mine.

Who knows maybe I will “tweet” it, “Pin” it, and “Facebook” it.    

I have been known to do it.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thanks! Here's my RSS blog feed:

...and here's the URL:

I'll blog again very soon but I'm currently busy promoting my new book, "Memes of Loss and Devotion"

Thanks.I have followed.

Great, thanks Giovanni!

I've just posted this blog: , an introduction to the book I've just put out. Would love your thoughts.


Interesting read thanks.I appreciate you sharing it.


Here is my blog

Also take a look at my website and give me a critique.


Thanks for inviting into your world.

I couldn't find anywhere to follow the blog, sorry.I think it is very clean and crisp.

I don't much about wordpress but I think it would benefit you and the visitor if they could share any of your posts easily,I didn't see any buttons for that.I also think it would be good to have some gadgets for visitors to find you on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc...

I would enjoy following you in different spots, your work looks intriguing.


Christian blog: Abundant Life Now


I followed by email but had a hard time finding any other social media buttons to click to follow you onto.You have a very nice visual blog.I suggest that you make it a bit easier for folks to click and go to your social media so they can follow you on Twitter,Facebook,Goodreads, Pinterest,etc.

Here is a free social sharing tool that can help drive more traffic:

I use it and it really  helps.Have a great day,, thanks for reaching out.

To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING 


Click here to read my blog!

Thanks.I followed by email, liked your Facebook Page and also followed on Twitter.

I wish you continued success.

Giovanni--here you go:

How do I follow your website? Is there a button I am missing?


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