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Having a personal subjective view towards a character often seems more controversial to individuals with opposing opinions, but listening to the ideas of others before writing
serves as a perfect platform to create a professional manuscript. However, different
opinions from the public mainly serve as a strong source of information to generate
generally accepted concepts about a particular character. For instance, if an
author researches information about the devil for a writing project, there are varying
ideas and doctrinal teachings excluding personal philosophies from different
spiritual authorities. Writing about the devil from a Christian perspective
will only interest the Christians and few researchers who are interested in
Christianity and their teachings. The same principal applies in other religions
as well. However, to draw the attention of every religious person, a writer should
at first inquire about generally accepted concepts concerning the nature of the
devil from different religions. Ask what makes certain aspects of the devil
unique to that religion.

Additionally, seeking the opinions of other scholars helps enhance information gathered about a character for everyone has a personal philosophy and subjective understanding
of life. Methods of gathering such information could include surveys and

Furthermore, writers should endeavor to determine their book consumers’ behavior before conceptualizing a topic. By so doing, authors of up-coming books can roughly determine
a target audience and the potential number of sales of their books.

In the case of the author of the Secret behind the Cross and Crucifix (as an author of many up-coming books) after hearing from his readers on social and religious
problems in human interaction he developed interesting catchy topics.  Among those tiles, more than six thousand
readers of his fans approved the book – INSULT; 10 PRACTICAL GUIDES TO AVOID INSULT,
which is one of the books he hates most. Reasons from his readers showed that
no body wants to be insulted; neither do animals, spirit being, nor inanimate

On the other hand, he would have received dirty slaps from for more than six times from most of his readers for mentioning the title of his two books he loves most –WHOSE
In fact, he received many forms of embarrassment and  abuse of many sorts from many medical practitioners
and few sub-elites who like his insult book for mention “THE DOWNFALL”  only without completing “OF ORTHODOX

However, the writers’ likes and wants are not always his readers’ likes and needs.

However for authors to succeed, they should hear from the public to determine his book consumer up-most interest before writing. In doing so, the author should also see his consumers
from different religions, culture, academic, and social class. Just common
questions will help the authors to achieve the task. Authors should ask if
their book will interest scholars as well as non-academics. Will their book interest
individuals from every religious, social, and political background? If authors
receive positive answers to such questions, then success is just over the

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