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Imagine already today the day, when your dreams have become a reality.

Imagine and experience already today that day in the future, when your dreams have become a reality and when you have achieved your goals.

Move to the present, the future day when your dreams or perhaps some ideas you have worked with have become a reality. Experience how good it feels now that you managed to break through the resistance and barriers and finally are able to enjoy success.

You can get everything you can think of by following a few simple instructions step by step. Even if you probably have some difficulty to believe in this, it is actually that simple But you must have patience and a willingness and motivation to learn what it takes to transform your ideas and dreams into reality.

There is no reason to set limits to your dreams and stop or limit the flow of ideas that you have. There is no reason that you from the beginning should describe some ideas or plans as impossible to develop and bring to success, or to say that some people don´t have the right conditions for success.

If you had really been 100-percent sure you could realize your dreams and ideas, you would certainly be prepared to do what is required of you to get what you dream about. With the right knowledge and with great patience and focus almost all things are possible. The road to success is actually open if you are prepared to do whatever is necessary.

For many years, I have studied and developed the techniques of how to proceed when you want to realize your dreams and achieve your goals. I’ve studied a lot of books and different approaches and put together a plan intended primarily for myself.

These studies and experiences, I have compiled into a single book, “The Force of The Universe” or ( “Kraften från Universum” in Swedish ), and since then I have followed this plan with great results.

Everything you should know is highlighted in the book, and you should just follow the steps I have described there. You will by repeating these steps over and over again become more and more convinced that you can actually realize your dreams. The belief that this will be possible will grow stronger day by day and finally make it possible to break through the obstacles on the road to success.

It is important to nourish your inner mind, or what we call your subconscious every day by repeating some practices that I describe in my book.

The goal is to become able to teach your subconscious mind to act by itself, which at first can lead to unexpected and startling results. If you want something to happen in your life and with your conscious mind think that you can make it happen just by focusing on words and images, you will not succeed. You cannot make it happen by means of your conscious mind. Instead, you have to first train your subconscious to become active and act on its own without having the conscious thoughts controlling the creative idea of the subconscious. First you have to..Read more here  

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