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I am in the process of getting the last elements in place to self-publish my first book;

my question is this: Is there an optimal time of the year to publish a book to reap the

maximum return? I would appreciate any advice, feedback that any of the wonderful folks

on this great site can provide? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Billy,

Some of the best advice that I have received about this very topic is to find a date that pertains to your work for a release date. For example, if your book deals with a particular disease like Fibromyalgia, you may want to release the book in the month of May because that is Fibromyalgia awareness month.

What genre is your book? If it has anything to do with the paranormal, you could try and release around Halloween or on a Friday the 13th.

Is there a particular theme, scenery, time frame, or place in the book that you could capitalize on in marketing? If so, try and Google some dates that a country or state might celebrate. For instance if your book centers around "Going Green" or even has a tree in the scenery that is discussed, why not release the book on Arbor Day?

Hope these suggestions help.
There is no good or bad time to publish a book. Launching a book today means placing in competition with thousands of others that are published every week. The key to making a book work is developing interest in the subject by utilizing marketing opportunities to make it known to the book buying public. Getting your name recognized is part of drawing interest in your book. You did not mention the subject of your book but if it is well written it has a chance to succeed. It all depends on your efforts as the author.

Good luck.
A good question.

I have this thought, and I still do(Maybe I have less knowledge or experience, or maybe it is true - but I'm willing to change my thought if it is wrong) - the first quarter of the year(Jan. Feb. March. Apr.) seems not the best, because, everyone has spent a lot on Christmas and New Year, and the last quarter of the year(Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec) seems to be the best, because, everyone is open to shop, and it may be easy to convince them to buy.. etc.

But, one thing I am sure is 'everything has time'. And, unexpected time could also be the best time.

Kimberley has given a good respond. She has a point. It may be better to follow for such related book. But, for those not related, it may be publish anytime. But, 'apply time and strength.'

As long as I can, I prefer to publish a book in the last quarter of the year or one or two month earlier.


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