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Is your Social Media Presence Helping or Hindering your Ministry

Pulpit Rock Training 

When you register by clicking this image, and completing the registration form for Pulpit Rock Training you will receive amazing free  training every few days to enable you to become a master social networker in just 10 minutes a day.  

You will build your ministry reputation and lift your community engagement to new levels making you someone people want to engage with.

You will learn:- 

  • The benefits of national groups and developing national unity. 
  • How to build friendships and how they help to maximise your ministry. 
  • Why social sharing is critical to your ministry success
  • How to successfully comment and blog to build your reputation. 
  • How leaderboards build your reputation. 
  • How to find and influence new members
  • How our prayer team can undergird and support your ministry. 
  • Where to discover hundreds of resources to help you grow.
  • How to build your events with event promotion. 
  • How to create your own internal dynamic groups for private development of your associates or mentees.   

Plus so much more 

This is free for all members of Africa Network BFTF

Africa Network BFTF is building resources to help African Christian churches grow, mature & deliver the Great Commission & is free to join.

A Division of Beautiful Feet Task Force 

Register by clicking this link HERE now.

During your training on Pulpit Rock Training you may gain qualifications to be certified as a

Certified User       

Certified Fellow    

Certified Expert   

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