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I looked around and could not find a forum on this, so decided to create one. This is the section to share your kindle books that are on FREE or 0.99$ promotion and request for downloads and reviews. 

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Trash into Cash  Succinct Case-Study of Five Unconventional Millionaires Free on amazon kindle on April 5th, afterwards will be 0.99$ for around one week.  [30 minute motivational read] appreciates your reviews and downloads...

For a limited time I am reducing the price of the Kindle version of my thriller novel, “The True Virus”, from $3.99 to $0.99. This special price will last through the second week of May (ends 5/11/14).


This story takes place during the last Gaza/Israeli war. It starts out with a hacking incident involving the main CIA computer. After this breach in security, John Brookfield a CIA computer specialist, travels to Israel to work with Sarah Stein the Co-developer of DNA computer technology to find out if the DNA component of the CIA system has been compromised. John is shocked when the cell phone of a fellow CIA agent in Israel is hit by a bullet and explodes in his hand. Soon after an epidemic breaks out and the agent dies. With Sarah’s help, John discovers that a Hamas bioterrorist is the hacker who programmed the CIA’s system to produce the real live virus that caused the epidemic.

The Dark Gift is available for FREE on amazon. Once downloaded, if you loved it, please leave a review. Also open to review exchanges!

Want to quit your job and looking for options? You need extra income to stretch payments for bills? Or you simply want to learn new skills. Then this book is for you. "Virtual Assistant Startup Kit - what you must know" is a book that will guide you on how to establish a VA home business the right way. Grab your FREE copy here via Amazon Prime or $0.99.

tell me what books or e-books available for free.

Free on Amazon today, The Blackout Murders by Leo Kessler.

Wartime London, 1942. 

London in the blackout is dangerous enough without a murderer wandering the streets… 

But just like sixty-odd years before, a fiend is loose in the dark fogbound streets of London. 
Unlike Jack the Ripper, this monster looks for women in uniform to mutilate and kill, and every time he leaves behind a badge: that of the newly formed US commandos…the Rangers. 

Is the killer an American? 

The possibility has far-reaching consequences for Anglo-American cooperation now that the US has entered the war. 

And London is teeming with American servicemen… 
London’s police force are pushed to the limit, but urgent orders from the highest level, they start the search for the demented killer. Winston Churchill wants answers, and the investigation leads to a denouement at in the corridors of power… 

'The Blackout Murders' is a thrilling story of crime and politics in a time of war.

Seize and Ravage, by Richard Townsend, is FREE on Amazon today on special promotion.

Libya, 1940. 
The Italian army, outnumbering the British and Commonwealth army in Egypt by three to one, cautiously cross the frontier. 
January, 1941. General Wavell’s forces counter-attack. 
Churchill, however, orders a halt, awaiting the completion of one mission. 
A military raid. Operation Wolf. 
A special commando troop was formed, sixty strong, called the X Troop. 
It includes Corporal Owen, an expert with explosives, Sergeant Quested, a burly ex-artillery man, and Private Jorrocks, a former member of the yeomanry. 
Their target: A fort a few miles from Tripoli. 
The aim of Operation Wolf is to seize the objective and to ravage it. 
To wipe out any defensive obstructions. 
To lay waste to the opposition. 
And to annihilate every defender. 
They must prepare the enemy for immediate surrender. 
But the opposition proves tougher than they had ever expected.... 
'Seize and Ravage' is a page-turning story of bravery and courage set some of fiercest fighting of WWII. 
It is perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean and Jack Higgins. 

Harry: A Prince Among Men, by Nigel Cawthorne, is FREE on Amazon today.

Prince Harry has always been a controversial figure, frequently making the headlines for both good and bad reasons. 
The second son of the heir to the throne has always enjoyed a privileged position. 
While the elder son is burdened from birth with the prospect of the succession, his younger brother enjoys all the trappings of royalty without any of the responsibilities. 
Prince Harry has often taken full advantage of this and the tabloids have dubbed him the “party prince”. 
But, after losing his beloved mother, Princess Diana, at a young age, and being plagued by tabloids throughout his life, it is not surprising. 
His turning point came when he proved himself on the front line in Afghanistan. 
He has worked hard to become an effective charity fundraiser, both for children and AIDS victims in Africa, and for his injured comrades in arms. 
And because of that he has turned his public image around to become the ‘people’s prince’. 
‘Harry: A Prince Among Men’ tells the story of Harry’s progress, from his wild younger days to his heroic feats in recent years. 

FREE The Tangled Web by Alistair Kinnon: bestselling crime fiction.

Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Two bodies are discovered early one morning.

A man killed by a single stab wound to the left side of his chest.

And a boy whose young life was ended by a single gunshot through the roof of his mouth.

The man's body has been horribly mutilated: the penis, testicles and scrotum have been clumsily removed.

But by whom? And for what evil ends?

Sergeant Martin Nicols is sent from Toronto to Vancouver to investigate. 

The murder might be linked to a child murder ring he has cracked open in his home town. 

But thousands of miles from his usual beat, Nicols is suddenly thrown into a seedy underworld of child vice, inhuman torture and cruel death.

As he starts to investigate, Nicols finds himself up against powerful, sinister forces. Battling against hostile and jealous colleagues and infuriating red tape that threatens to run his investigation into the ground, this is the hardest case of his long career. 

And Nicols finds himself caught up in A Tangled Web - one where the rich and powerful and depraved can get away with murder. 

'The Tangled Web' is a gripping murder mystery, perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Ian Rankin and Kathy Reichs. 

Click here to download.

FREE The Virgin and the Fool by Douglas Boyd.

When ex-university lecturer Tom Fielding goes on the run with Clive Ponsonby of MI6 - the man who put him in Longfield Open Prison for eight years - he has only hours in which to save several lives. 

Ponsonby's former agent, Nosarenko, is now President of the the Ukraine. He is determined to silence Tom. Why? Because he was the sole witness of a gruesome murder in the 1980s which could destroy his political career. 

Clive Ponsonby wants the half-million dollars that went missing during Tom's mission in Russia. 

And Tom wants to stay alive long enough to protect the three women in his life - his Russian ex-wife, their daughter Svetlana, and Karen McKenzie, the one person to stand by him when he went to jail. 

There is only one thing that will stop the killing. It's a film Tom shot of the murder, hidden somewhere in the centre of Asia with the Virgin of Kazan, the most valuable icon in the world. 

If he can get the both the icon and the film safely back to the west in time, Tom will be rich and safe. 

If not, he'll be dead... 

'The Virgin and the Fool' is a pacy, atmospheric spy story full of passion and intrigue. 

It will appeal to fans of Alan Furst, John Le Carre, Robert Harris and Frederick Forsyth. 

'A block-buster thriller.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade-Off'. 

Click here to download.

FREE Town and Country by Wendy Lewis.

Jill's life has been turned upside down. 

A modern urban woman, she finds herself completely thrown into the unknown when her husband Gerald buys a small farm in Sussex and moves her from her comfortable London flat. 

Whilst he commutes to the City, she is left behind to take charge of four pregnant cows, some hyperactive sheep and a psychotic cockerel. 

As the stresses of their new life mount, Jill and Gerald's relationship falls apart, and he begins an affair with his secretary. 

Meanwhile, back on the farm one disaster follows another. 

However, the appearance of the mysterious and handsome Conor starts Jill's heart thumping. 

Will she find romance on her Sussex farm? 

Can Conor rescue her from a cheating husband and unruly farm animals? 

Or will the culture clash between town and country prove too much? 

'Town and Country' is an funny yet moving story of the clash between two world's. It is perfect for fans of Jilly Cooper and Erica James. 

Wendy Lewis tells her tale of the down-shifter’s dream, the agony and the ecstasy of rural re-location, with charm and wit. 
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. 

Click here to download.

FREE A Small Town Affair by Chrissie Loveday.

Wealthy hotel heiress, Georgie Hetherington has had enough of having her life controlled. 

She has rejected an arranged marriage, armed herself with a new identity, and begins her journey of self discovery in a small seaside town in Cornwall where she hopes to have nothing to worry about but tea and scones. 

That is until she gets chatting to the gorgeous man who hangs around the cafe where she works. 

Jay Jacob’s is dark, brooding and intent on sweeping Georgie off her feet. He is a welcome distraction from her mounting money worries - and as time goes by this seaside romance starts to turn into something much more serious. 

It appears Jay Jacobs could be the answer to all of Georgie’s problems. 

But is he really all that he seems? 

With warnings ringing in her ears should she trust her instincts or keep her distance? 

Georgie is about to find out how tough independence can be… 

‘A Small Town Affair’ is a moving Cornish romance about new starts, self-discovery and finding love. 

Click here to download.


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