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Attention all writers and friends,
I am starting a collection of the last love letters you might write to a loved one or friend. It is the letter that might be left for them by you, allowing them to know how much you loved them or perhaps one you are choosing to give personally while you are still here. There is a beautiful chapter in Erma Bombeck's book, "Motherhood, The Second Oldest Profession," titled, JULIE, about a mother of three boys who dies from cancer and leaves each one of her sons a personal letter for their eyes only. I cry everytime I read those letters! I am creating a documentary to go along with my book on the importance of leaving those last words and the feelings you experience writing the letters. All letters will be anonymous unless you would like your name attached to them. Remember, we never truly know which day is our last one here on David Bloom, NBC news man, Ken Russert, Meet the Press, Randy Pausch, THE LAST LECTURE and I know you can think of many more including thousands who have perished in the many disaster we have witnessed in the last 10 years. Help me encourage those that are not willing to engage in this beautiful exercise realize how meaningful their expressions of love will be. Personally, I wish I had a letter from my Father who suddenly died of a heart attack when I was a teen. As a grief counselor, I have had many grieving clients wish they had found one last note or letter from their parent, partner, or loved one.
If you want more information contact me or send a letter to: and visit:
Thank you for your help and support,

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Gayla, I commend you on your book. I empathize with your problem because my book also talks about the proverbial "elephant in the room" known as death. Keep in mind that death is still a taboo for many people. They think it will come on some faraway day when they are at home lying in bed surrounded by loving family members. The reality is that most people die in hospitals and nursing homes. Too many people prefer to ignore discussions about death. They become terminally ill and die, leaving others to figure out the plans they never made.

I suggest that you become laser-focused on your target audience: senior centers, AARP groups, groups focused on terminal illness, public libraries, family focused programs, and others you discover as you do your research. I find that books like ours sell better when we can speak to an audience and help them become more receptive to the topic first and the book later. Joining Internet groups and getting media attention related to your target audience, etc. can also help. Read all you can about marketing because there are lots of things you can do that are not expensive. Some are even free, but they require time, organization, and determination. I wish you the best.

Frances Shani Parker
Dear Frances,
Thank you for the kind and wise words. We really are dealing with the "elephant in the room." I will become more focused!
I wish you success and lots of progress in this frontier we have chosen!
Regards, Gayla Gabriel


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