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My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Today’s message is a powerful reminder of where our help comes from; the Lord God Almighty. This reminder was sent to me by my nephew, and I thanked him for the reminder and that I would share it with everyone.

We must remember that the Lord God is our helper. There is no battle that He cannot win because He is a mighty warrior and will fight all our battles. I constantly use this phrase; I stand tall from my knees. Believers, as we continue our fight against evil and wickedness in high places, praying as we give feet to our prayers, we have our mighty warrior on our side. We can begin our victory lap as we sing our victory song of joy. I say this because as God’s children we can go to Him in the time of need with the assurance that He will provide the help that we need. When we need deliverance; He delivers; He comforts when it is needed; He hears and answers prayer.

This country and world are in a very dark place with sin running rampant; evil appears as though there is no stopping it; I will tell you that Satan and his evil minions’ days are numbered. Take heart because God is all-powerful and will bring all evilness to an end. God is the righteous judge who will punish the evilness that is taking place in this country and our world. He will reward righteousness. As I have previously stated right will always be right and the truth will prevail.

All of our help comes from the Lord.

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