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Strings of Color

Author: Marian L. Thomas

Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Thirty years is not enough time for Jazzmyne to say goodbye to the one person who has made her whole. As the story opens we hear the anger, fear, sadness and terror of one woman, as she stands helpless watching her husband’s life fade away. Hoping for a miracle, not realizing the true gravity of Chris’s illnesses, she hangs on praying for more than just one miracle in time. Speaking with Dr. Banner, seeing him hooked up to the machines brings the reality to light. Naya or Jazzmyne wants to record her life in a book. Jake, a reporter has been chosen to write the book and get the information needed. Simone is the long lost daughter she never knew she had. As the story begins to unfold we meet Simone and learn more about her, her relationship with her brother Jonathan and his estrangement from his mother. But, Simone had to face many demons in her life as she learned about Naya and the truth behind her parentage. Imagine living your whole live thinking you were born to one woman and robbed of the reality that you were not but born to another. Imagine finding out your mother is a famous Jazz singer and that the talent you have must been inborn and inherited from her. Just why Jake wants to write her story is to finally get some recognition from his father and be considered a real writer. From the author of Color Me Jazzmyne and My Father’s Colors comes another breakthrough novel Strings Of Color as we continue the story of Jazzmyne and embark on a new journey into her life. Simone, her daughter that she has yet to meet. Jonathan, the son that has lied and betrayed both her and Chris and Mona the mother Simone grew up with and Misty whose rise to fame knows or knew no boundaries this book will bring about a whole new box of crayons and colors for each character and for the reader to decide which one belongs to you.


Each character expresses their inner most thoughts and feelings at the start of each chapter allowing the reader to share a private part of her life. Jazzmyne begins in chapter one and Simone in the next two chapters. As Simone meets with Jake he hands her a tape recorder as she flashes back in time to where her life began, her understanding of the true meaning of the word Love and the lack of it in her brother’s life. Money and wealth buy material things but not what most people need the love and warmth of a parent something she had from the start. Naya Mona or Jazzmyne recounts her true fears in chapter one as Simone relates her story in the next two and we come to learn more about her struggles and prejudices she faced growing up, the reasons why and the joy she showed receiving one special gift. Not knowing that Naya Mona was her real mother while growing up, knowing that Mona listened to her and she wanted to be like her, sets the stage and the bond that might actually bring them together when and if they ever meet. The true gift Simone has as her mother relates is in her voice and the material things she receives. The story continues as we learn more about the broken pieces of her life that form as I see it a torn tapestry that needs to be rewoven to recreate a whole new story.


Enter Misty whose presence was felt in the first two novels and who will play an integral part in this one too as Jake seems taken with from a passing glance and he remembers the history behind what she did to Simone. Carl, Simone’s fiancée, what are his real reasons for wanting to marry Simone. You begin to wonder from the short dialogue between him and Jake. There are so many colors in this story and as Simone says: Where is my rainbow?


As the story continues to unfold you learn more about Simone her life and her true feelings. Next, we hear the inner voice of Misty. Who Needs A Heart? She did not that’s for sure and she was about to embark on her own new adventure in Jake’s, Mona’s and Jonathan’s. Pointing herself in the direction of this PI she thinks she has it under control but in reality someone else is watching her every move, knows what she is up and hopes to foil whatever revenge she has planned. Losing the one thing her father gave her the club; she aims to get it back at anyone’s cost. She believes in what her father said: There is no Love in Success and she aims to prove it.


Simone and Carl are going to be married but for some reason she appears hesitant and needs time to reassess her life after learning that Naya Mona is her real mother. Added to that she seems confused about her career and has put everything on hold. Carl finally connects with her and the conversation leads the reader to believe that they might wind up together until a phone call changes everything. Reenter Misty and who has her own agenda and Mona. Will she be able reconcile with both daughters? We hear the voice of Jonathan who confesses his transgressions to his wife. As she learns about his deceptions, what Chris and his father JK were really doing many other questions come to light in this reader’s mind. Will Felicia understand why he did the things he did? Will he finally understand the true meaning of love? Then, going to see JK she insists he tell Naya about Chris and encourages him to become part of her life. But, things get even more out of control when he meets with Naya and informs of her that Chris passed as Felicia meets another fate that no one expects. As Naya Mona comes to the hospital she and Jonathan form a new bond and what happens next will definitely surprise the reader as the next phase of both of their lives begin.


Misty is definitely up to something and what she has planned still remains to seen as Mona’s voice is heard next and a few more strings and colors come into the amazing tapestry that is being woven by author Marian L. Thomas as only she can write it and tell it.


Mona turns on the tape recorder next and we learn the truth behind her feelings for her mother, her life, and the reason she ran away and why she feels guilty about her mother’s death. Hearing her voice and listening the tape of her story or confessions you will understand the underlying anger, fear and frustration she faced as a child of 13 and the fears still faces today. Even more you will learn the truth about the birth of her two daughters, her relationship to Simone and much more. As Jake pushes more than just the record button of the recorder he just might hope she doesn’t push delete.


Many truths have to still be told as Naya and Mona come face to face and even more confessions come to light. Just how many colors come into play as Naya, JK and Mona bury more than just Chris and Misty comes face to face with a hard truth that will change her life forever. Jake goes through an unexpected crisis and all of the colors of the rainbow just might blend together before all is said and done and the final voice on the tape is heard.


Some endings are really beginnings as Simone and Naya finally meet and some lives come to a close and others will begin. The story does not end here as one more chapter will follow as Naya opens her father’s story but you will have to wait for Colors that Bloom until next year. There are many colors that describe love and hate. There are many strings to a violin that are different thicknesses and many to a guitar too. Each string has its own unique sound and voice. Each color of the strings and threads that weave the amazing tapestry that completes this part of the story has its own special color too. But, love and forgiveness are unique and their color to me will always be the same: Yellow. Yellow brings out the sun and the warmth in a person’s heart. What happens to Misty, Jake, Mona and Naya will surprise the reader. Forgiveness: a difficult word to define at times and even harder for some to do. Naya Mona: understand her life, her story take this journey with her and you might be able to define not only forgiveness but the real meaning of love.

Fran Lewis: reviewer


I give this book Five Special Strings of the Color Yellow








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Fran . . . You'd be better off blogging your reviews rather than creating a forum since the forums aren't featured on the front page - except for the top 5 forums.

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