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The Book Lounge

I made a webpage for Authors to have Author Profiles and information about their book and links to order their book online.

Please check The Book Lounge for information on how you can get your profile listed.

There is a Chat Room and Forum for Authors & readers to talk to each other online.

The Book Lounge

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My second novel is now audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to www.NewFiction,com

Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow
hello - your forum is very cool and i will post my daughter's book shortly. however, in light of the small letters it is difficult to read the bio's and descriptions listed (also the words seem to blur together). is there anyway to overcome this order maybe make the font a tiny bit larger (even with my laser surgery eyes, it is still somewhat hard for me to strain my eyes to read the words) thnx - rona (mother of rotem bar lev, author of No More Tears / ISBN:9781432739898)


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