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I'm new here.  I've read some of the archived posts on the subject of trailers and see that there is no consensus on how effective they are.  I decided to create one for my book because I figure that it can't hurt.

My book is a coffee table book about the work of architects Charles and Henry Greene.  Since it isn't a novel, there isn't a story to tell in the narrative sense.  Thus, I decided to let the photos do most of the talking in the trailer.  I won't post it on my webpage until I'm sure that I'm happy with it.  So the link is to a gallery.

Thanks in advance for any comments you care to offer.

David Mathias

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Welcome! Who knows such a work on such a professional subject could be big. I am sure the other members would have experience on the subject and potential readers would be more than aware of Charles and Henry Greene. What was your inspiration. Mark Wetherby.
Hi Mark - there is a well-developed community of Greene & Greene followers many of whom are also fans of the broader Arts & Crafts movement. There are several books currently in print about them or their work. None are huge sellers but they all sell.

I can't recall what work of theirs I saw first but I do remember that I was immediately drawn to their style. The attention to detail and the easy interplay of varied elements are seductive. As architecture historian Morgan Yost wrote in 1950, "These are the most perfect houses, I believe, that have ever been built." Easy to find inspiration there.

A slightly revised version of the trailer is now available on my book website. The URL is:

Hello David,

The images in the video were quite striking and profound. I think it's beautiful!

Best of luck to you!

Thank you Sarah. I appreciate that you took the time to view my trailer.

Very nice trailer !
Jubilee, thank you for taking the time to comment.
My trailer is entered in a monthly contest at YouGottaReadVideos. It's available for view now with voting set to begin on July 21. I'd appreciate your views and your votes.

Just an announcement that the contest in which I entered my trailer is over. And I won. Via the contest, my trailer got more than 200 views and will now be featured on the site. I hope that others will take advantage of this opportunity.



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