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Appearances are not everything: Sometimes a picture is not really a thousand words!

Walking into a store to buy clothes was a traumatic experience for me not too long ago. All too often, the sales person was this perky little skinny thing who was looked about 12 years old and was there to pass fashion judgment on anyone who happened to walk in to the store. I was always over weight, but not anymore. I wore clothes that I felt fit my figure and did not really think I needed to pole the opinion of other people before walking out of the door in the morning. I always thought that I dressed well for my shape and size and I was taught by my mom to dress for success no matter where I was going or when I might be going there.

My cousin and I decided to go to a specific mall one morning and as we entered this particular store, the young sales clerk just stopped dead in front of me and stared. I was there to buy a gift for someone and I needed some help. Rather than ask if she could assist me with my purchase, she assumed I was there for myself and blatantly told me that the clothes in that store were too youthful for me and I was definitely not going to fit into anything in the store. I just looked at her in total disbelief and could not allow myself to let her know how hurt I was. I had just lost 5 pounds and was on my weigh to where I am now at 110lbs rather than the 170+ I was at the time I went into the store. I looked at her and did not even think about what I was going to say but I blasted her in my own way. I did explain to the little snip that I was not there for myself, but that was none of her business. I did ask for the manager and she stated that was her job. I did explain to her that it would not be for much longer since her customer service skills were beyond poor and if there was a grade lower than F she would more than earn it. I told her that I might be heavy and was losing weight, but her act of weight discrimination towards me was very unforgiveable and she would soon learn just what that meant.

I made up my mind that I was not going to let this little snip get away with what she said to me. I was not going to allow her to hurt anyone else and I guess whatever I did must have worked. The next time I walked into that store, I was much thinner and that manager was no longer there. Several sales clerks came up to me and asked if I needed assistance. I hesitated and one of the young women remembered the incident that had happened. For some reason she remembered why I had walked out of the store and did not return until now. She told me that the person who was so rude was no longer employed in that store and she hoped that I would start shopping there again. I was surprised that she even admitted to being there. She said she was embarrassed but could not say anything at the time.

I had walked into the store to prove a point. I wanted to prove to myself just how much the way you look plays as to the way people treat you. I never realized it until it happened to me. I never look at a person as anything other than the wonderful person they are. Unfortunately, most people are not like that. It was even more hurtful when it was implied that I was too old to shop there.

Funny thing, now that I am thin I shop anywhere and everywhere and I really do not care whether the clothes are meant for a younger person or not. If it looks good on it and me is appropriate for my shape and size I get it. I stopped worry about what someone my age should or should not wear. I figure, if Dolly Parton can wear anything she wants so can I. She is gorgeous at any age. Women my age do not look old. I think we are great no matter what age we are and looking and dressing a little younger, within reason, is great.

Another complaint I have is when you go to the makeup counter thinking you look and the person at the counter begins her speech with you need wrinkle cream and I don’t have any. You need moisturizer and all of these products to keep you from getting wrinkles. If I do not have them now I do not think they are going to be there any time soon and if they so what! I realize that their job is to sell products by so many of them are really not tactful and I won’t even deal with anyone that starts by saying all of the things that I need and does not ask what I already use. I think that is why I love the staff at Estee Lauder in Macys in Cross County. They are so professional and they know me by name. They know what I need and do not need and they never start any conversation with you look tired, old or your wrinkles are showing. They are truly the best!

Customer Service is a think of the past in some ways. We are the consumers whether it is going to a store to shop for milk and juice or clothes. We are the consumers when we go to the doctor’s office. After all, we are paying them big time for their services just to have five minutes of their time. We are the consumers when we use mass transit, so why don’t we have the right to voice our opinion when it comes to fare hikes and have the MTA really listen. With the economy so bad and people losing their jobs, why are they raising fares for people that budget in their fare money in their weekly monies being spent?

You are the consumer when you decide which phone carrier you want to use and yet there are so many hidden charges it is so hard to tell sometimes which one is the best and the most cost effective. I think that all of the phone companies need to have more reasonably priced packages with more minutes and less surcharges.

Appearances are not everything and people are who they are. You are unique and special whether you way 100 pounds or 300 pounds. Everyone is beautiful and handsome on the inside and the outside just because you are a kind and caring person. Do not let anyone make you feel less than whom you are when you go into a store. Remember: they need us you do not need them!

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