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As an author what would you really like to see from a publisher that they don't offer now?

I've heard complaints of lack of marketing, lack of communication, lack of input on editing, etc. What do you think?

Since I am starting a new publishing company for authors, I really wanted to start from the authors. What do you want from a publisher? 

What do you want before they even publish you?

And then once you are published?

And then maybe once they start selling some books?

What can make the experience great for you. Come join the group if you are interested in learning more or teaching us more.

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I agree, most publishers treat authors horribly. I know from personal experience, which is why I went indie after being traditionally published.

My suggestion - treat authors like you want to be treated - with respect. After all, we are the one's supplying the material for publishers to print, retailers to sell and consumers to read. Offer a good advance, or at least more than the standard 15% royalty. Communicate everything! New authors have no idea how the industry operates.

The quickest way to lose an author's loyalty is to do what my publisher did to me after signing my contract, set me adrift in the sea of marketing and promotion. They sent me list of what I should do after publication- including paying a publicist at the tune of up to $5,000! What??? Don't do that.

Until recently, in-house staff sales and marketing of their authors was common at publishing houses. This includes, setting up book signings, events, speaking engagement, press releases - no new author knows how do this. Authors are experts on writing, the publisher - getting the book out. Work together.

I can't believe the publisher tried to make you pay for your own marketing! That is ridiculous! Especially if their royalty is so low. 

I really like the idea of quality communication. That makes sense the pushing industry is quite confusing  for new authors and I think making sure they understand the system will help them be better prepared for comes in the future. Maybe a clear statement of expectations of what both publisher and author.

Thanks for opinon.


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