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Which of the word processing programs are most commonly used by book publishers and why?

I have been using Tex/Latex typesetting system to typeset my math books.  I later discovered that most publishers do not use Tex/Latex to publish neither math books nor otherwise. 


You can convert Tex files to Word by using an appropriate file converter.  At times, the conversion faces compatibility issues that may lead to frustration. Which word processing software do most publishers use in preparing their manuscripts for publication? Please, I need your input.

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I self publish and use Microsoft Word to typeset and format everything.

Thank you.  Mathematics, for some obvious reasons, seems to be different.

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I have not formatted a mathematics book yet that is why I am not much familiar with LaTex. MS Word and Adobe InDesign are the ones I use in formatting my client's book. If you want free you can also have OpenOffice.




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