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my upcomming books are dedicated to the emancipation of the human mind and heart, from the deceptive aspect of consciousness we refer to as belief

These beliefs have been employed to both enslave and divide the enslaved, pitting us against each other over our subjective and limited interpretations of truth.  Our beliefs have been used by pathological leaders to maintain what many of us have been brainwashed to believe is order, when nothing could be further from the truth!

The title of this series, ‘I Am Christ’, although sounding like the assertion of a deluded mind, is in fact a profound notion.  Such a notion has the potential to end wars, reduce political corruption and ease social inequality, along with almost every other manmade evil brought about by the mental manipulation which has been the cornerstone of both religion and politics.  This idea, which I have termed ‘I am Christ,’ is by no means a result of my own contrivance and dates back to a time before the alleged advent of Christ himself.  Philosophers like Socrates and Plato propagated this ancient idea, along with more modern scholars such as Carl Gustav Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Albert Einstein and many others.  In a nutshell, it describes a way thinking, independent from the belief system.  It symbolizes a kind of cognitive freedom, a freedom which enables the individual to stand on their own feet and travel free, without the leading strings of belief imposing masters.  It enunciates a type of holistic thinking and being, or unified consciousness described by Jung as individuation.  Most importantly, it represents mental freedom!


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