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I like to divide the world into two kinds of people -- people who divide the world and the other kind! No, really -- process people and results people. Do you love to have meetings? Or do you like to cross things off your to-do list? Do you like long, complex projects that have no end? Or do you like to see each project come to fruition and move on to the next one?

I believe that people who write mysteries are results people. People who write literary coming-of-age type stories are process people.

What do you think?

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I agree with your statements above and in your introduction. Putting the puzzle together is definately one of the perks to writing thirllers. The end result for the reader is "I can't believe it" or "damn, I should have thought of that.
Fun, isn't it?
Thanks for inviting me to your space here, I look forward to the interaction with other thriller authors. My next novel will be out soon, of course it is....what do you think?....could it be.....maybe it is.....a thriller!

Bob Buckholz
White House Deception
Aubrey's Innocence
I like to divide people into 4 distinct categories: those that make things happen (results people), Those tha watch things happen (process people), those that wonder what the hell just happened (academics), and those who don't even suspect anything is happening (politicians).

Seriously, I think those that write mysteries are all about the results, but I think we all take a certain amount of pleasure in leading the readers through the process of arriving at those results. I mean, who can't resist the odd twist and turn before the killer(s) is revealed? Half the fun of writing a mystery or thriller is knowing where you're going, and then figuring out exactly how to get there.

I am ew to this Forum, and like everything else in my writing career, I am looking forward to learning from the pros. I have made my share of mistakes along the way (ex. PublishAmerica), but i am still trying to improve my knowledge of both the art and business of writing. I hope I can keep up with you all.

Ron Adams
KEY LIME SQUEEZE publisher pending
I agree..

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Hi Meredith,

What happens if we're both?  Some of my adult books are almost mysteries (for example, in The Midas Bomb, how the villain is going to proceed is not exactly known until the end) although I classify them as sci-fi thrillers.  I have written short stories that are definitely mysteries (e.g. "The Shortest Route from Here to There," a freebie found on my website).  My YA sci-fi thriller is both a mystery and a coming-of-age story.  I guess I'd say you can't get results unless you have a process to obtain them.  This was certainly true in my science research and seems to be true in my writing, although the latter is a more subjective interpretation.

r/Steve Moore



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