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This is the story of Dreams for Kids. It is a story of compassion, acceptance, and love—the innate qualities of a dolphin.
Dreams for Kids began at the request of a very special woman and is sustained by mentors who have empowered and positively influenced more than 20,000 children. These individuals have changed, perhaps even saved, entire communities. They serve as an enduring example that one person truly can make a difference in our world and can produce an astounding living legacy.
One person, in one moment, can change a life. One ordinary person can accomplish the extraordinary and leave a legacy of giving that can change a generation of lives. These moments surround each of us every single day. The opportunity to make a lasting difference in the time we have lived, and to play a significant part in changing the world, one person at a time, is available for us to capture in a single moment of grace.
The moving, real-life stories of children who have been given an opportunity to achieve what they thought impossible, takes us on a journey of courage and determination. With the compassion and acceptance of others, these children found the courage to refuse to allow the circumstances of their lives to determine the quality of their days.
Children came from the sidelines of life to sail, golf, water-ski, and play sports that previously existed only in their dreams, and were met with the grace of idols and everyday people, who unselfishly gave their time and their hearts.
We have all felt the pain of isolation. We have all experienced loss. In reading these soul-stirring stories of individuals who have successfully overcome adversity, we are filled with hope and the inspiration to put things in perspective and conquer our own challenges.
By shining light on a lost society of children confined and isolated by poverty and disability, this book also acknowledges an amazing group of selfless individuals who have led unassuming lives and do not seek recognition, but deserve it. They are living testament that true satisfaction comes not from what we have, but rather, from what we give.
The search for meaning and true contentment and happiness in life has been elusive in our times. The answer to a more fulfilling and truly rich life is so close and so simple to attain; it may very well surprise us. Perhaps most importantly, this book proves that we all desire and need love—and the best way to receive love is to graciously, generously give it. The mission and message of the book is that people desperately need the dolphin spirit that lies within us all.
Welcome to the story of Dreams for Kids—a story of how ordinary people are making an extraordinary difference and fulfilling their dreams and the dreams of others.

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