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Christianity is a life. It is the life of God indwelling the human being. Because it is a life, Christianity is for living, not just lip service or head-knowledge. God expects believers to always live in a manner worthy of their calling.

To give you a feel of the subject and what it means to the believer, living the Christian life is variously referred to as:

- living the Word.
- living the Light.
- living the Gospel.
- living the normal Christian life.

It does not matter much to God that one can marvelously recite Bible verses as long as one’s life is not aligned with God’s will and character.

Your walk with Christ should be evident in everything you do and everything you are - how you make your decisions, how you act and react, how you approach social issues - how you relate to people - your conduct in general.

Jesus Christ is the Christian’s role model - the all-time reference on the Christian life – based on how He lived when He walked the earth.

You, therefore, need to always ask yourself the following questions:

- What would Jesus have done under similar circumstances?
- How would Jesus have done it or reacted to it?
- What should my top priorities in this life be?

The objective of Living the Christian Life is to motivate you to live an authentic, spirit-filled Christian life every day of your life, under whatever circumstances.

This book is suitable for all gender and ages - men, women, teenagers/youth, young adults, and even seniors.

Make it your daily devotional. Live it! Why not?

After birth, a baby should begin to crawl, then to stand, then to speak more distinctly, then to run, and eventually grow into an adult. It is the same with the Christian. After one receives salvation, God expects them to develop, stage by stage, neither ceasing nor retracting. This is the only way one could enrich their Christian life. This is also how they could fortify it.

The objective of this book is to motivate you to become a valuable Christian in the various spheres of your life. The book provides you with useful knowledge on how you could continuously develop yourself in this direction.

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