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New Release! "FLOSS" by Monica Marie Jones

Hello my fellow Book Marketers!

I am sure that you can all relate to the flashy lifestyle of my hometown Detroit, MI and other major cities like it. Well, I wrote a book about it and as I am sure you can imagine it is filled with all of the drama, scandal and action that accompanies a lifestyle based on acquiring material possessions!

The book is in the final stages of publication, but in the meantime it is available for review and pre-order. Check out my website, for details! Just to give you an idea, please find the synopsis below....


By Monica Marie Jones


In the world we live in people are divided into three main social classes. The Upper class is comprised of the immensely wealthy and powerful. The Middle class consists of managers and highly paid professionals, and the Lower class is made up of people who are paid average or low wages, receiving "welfare", unemployed or homeless. In Detroit and other cities like it, a fourth social class has emerged in the minds of those who occupy it that falls somewhere in between the middle and upper classes.

Unlike the other classes, the fourth is more of an active state of being. It is a verb. People in this class act out and represent what it means to be in the upper middle class. The fourth class is called FLOSS.

Friends since childhood, Abel, Solomon, and Jabez strive to climb the social ladder. Cousins Dionysus and Torah strive to climb that same ladder, but they would much rather travel on the backs of men like Abel, Solomon and Jabez.

Tyse wants to climb that ladder as well in the company of men like Abel, Solomon and Jabez while attracting women like Torah and Dionysus. Will they all be able to get up the ladder without pulling some down or walking over others? Will the ladder be able to support all of their weight, or will jealousy, envy, and betrayal cause everything that they have worked for to all come crashing down around them?
When the worlds of these six socialites collide and become intertwined the outcome is scandalous. Will the controversies that they encounter be worth the cost that it takes to FLOSS?

Pre-Order your copy TODAY!

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