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My Sin Is Better Than Your Sin
July 31st, 2008
“My sin is better than your sin, my sin is better than yours, you should be punished but me forgiven, ‘cuz my sin is better than yours.”

Can you hear that in a sing song, you know, like ” My dad is bigger than your dad…”, or “My dog is better than your dog…”.

I think we have a lot of people who walk around singing that song in their head. They seem to think that the things they fail and stumble at are small, really just mistakes, while everyone else is “sinning”. I have lived my whole life knowing people like that. They will look down their nose at someone else and pass a harsh sentence, but feel they themselves should be forgiven when they fall.

Want to know what I think? I think we should forgive them too. I really do. Their passing judgement is not any worse than anything I have ever done, just different. I really believe it is all the same to God. It all breaks his father heart. He hurts when we hurt, and he is waiting at any moment to let us crawl back into his lap and make things right. Some sin has worse end results than others, we realize that in the natural realm. Killing someone has a worse consequence than stealing a pack of gum. In the spiritual realm it is all sin though. Both separate us from fellowship with God. Both break our fathers heart. More importantly though, Jesus died for both. He came to save every kind of sinner. So we are all the same, a people in need of a saviour.

The next time you are in a place to pass judgement, think of what God did. He loved us all. He gave up heaven for each of us. Be as fair and as kind as you can be. If it is in your power to do so, be there to give a hand to the sinner before you. Reach out and lift them up. One day it may you you needing that hand up.

I know I have needed the hand of mercy many times. God has always given it to me. Blessings to you as you walk out your faith in love and kindness. Hugs, Barbara

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