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This book contains the Syllabus for Commerce, Paper -1:
1 Logarithm
1.1 Introduction and Definintiion
1.2 Laws of Logarithm
1.3 Characteristics and Mantissa
2 Sets, Relations and Functions
2.1Review, Power sets and Cartesian Products
2.2 Relations
2.3 Functions
2.4 Graphs of Functions
3 Complex Number
3.1 Definition of Complex Number
3.2 Algebra of Complex Number

4 Quadratic Equations
4.1Nature of Roots of Quadratic Equations
4.2 Sum and Product of Roots of Quadratic Equations
4.3 Formation of Quadratic Equations
4.4 Symmetric functions of Roots
4.5 Cube Roots of Unity
5 Determinants
5.1 Determinants of Order 3(Expansion and properties)
5.2 Applicatiions of Determinants
6 Trigonometry
6.1 Angle and its measurement
6.2 Trigonometric Ratios
6.3 Trigonometric Ratios of Sum and Difference of two angles
6.4 Factokrisation Formula
6.5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
7 Plane Co-ordinate Geometry
7.1 Locus
7.2 Straight Line

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