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Beautiful People
August 19th, 2008
I have to say I am amazed at the beautiful people I have had the pleasure to meet in my life. I don’t mean their faces, though many , many of them have been beautiful too. I am speaking about the lovely hearts we meet as we go through life. Sweet people who make the day a little brighter.

I am also amazed, after getting to know them better, to find that many of those happy, sweet people are bearing heavy burdens. Often people are bearing burdens we know nothing about. They live their lives with beauty and grace despite the challenges they are facing. No matter what is going on in the background, what you see is inviting. The hardness of reality has not hardened their hearts. They remain open and loving to life.

What is it that makes some people still be able to smile? How do they remain open and soft? It is the outworking of faith in their lives. What does that kind of faith come from? It comes from a relationship with God. Not just a head knowledge, not a fancy degree in Bible studies, but a one to one relationship with Christ. It is a deep understanding of God’s pure love, because it has gone from being head knowledge to heart knowledge. No longer is religion important, it is God who takes center stage. They do not have to worry about jumping through hoops anymore, because they are ruled by an inner love of God, not the outer laws of men.

These are the people who reach out and touch your heart. They carry something that can not be contained. Christ is alive in them, so he is able to work through these dear souls. They carry a special brightness in their eyes. They have a lightness to their step. You feel you have been friends with them the moment you meet. The love they carry is Christs love, and it surrounds them like a gentle breeze. Each time you meet, you feel refreshed just having been near them.

I thank God for each of these special people I have been blessed to meet. They make the world a lovely place. Lots of bad in the world? I guess so, but I see more things that are wonderful, than that are bad. I see the hope of a world in the eyes and smiles of those who carry Jesus with them where-ever they go. Look around, I bet there are some beautiful people in your world to. Hugs, Barbara

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