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Ever had one of those days? The ones where you just want to run and hide?

(*snorts* Duh! Just a few.)

Oh hush, I wasn’t talking to you. Anyways, I registered for school a while back, and I got my new books. Now, after school starts, they decide not only to change one of the instructors but TWO textbooks. Lemmie tell ya, That made it fun. Did the bookstore have the new required text books? Oh no! That would be too simple.

(*rolls eyes, throws legs over the arm of her chair* And this suprises you why?)

I didn’t say it surprised me. It wouold make sense for them to have the books. *taps chin* On second thought, if they would have had the books, I prolly would have fainted from the shock.

(*Snickers* That would have been funny.)

Oh, put a sock in it. *sighs* Now I’m off to read the one book that I have that is correct.

Safe Journey,


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