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My husband is a terrific artist (for everyone else but me). He graduated from the Chicago School of Art back in the 1960's. I think that is the one he graduated from. Anyway, I have been trying for 2 years to get him to do the logo for my publishing company. I have drawings/doodles all over the house on pieces of paper that he has done, but none of them a logo.

My question is: Is it necessary to have a logo of the publishing company on or in the book or is just the company name and address sufficient?

I know exactly what I want. Just don't have it and almost ready to go to print.

Thank you for any help!

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Comment by SusieSunshine on September 24, 2007 at 12:24pm
Thank you so much, Peter, for your timely response and input. I appreciate you taking the time. My instincts told me that it should be the way you stated above. However, I didn't want to assume anything. That is why I asked.

When you say done in a raster-based graphics program, can someone do the logo and then I put it in that type of program or does it need to be actually done in it? I am not very savvy in this type of thing, as you can tell. Does it need to be made larger so that it can be reduced rather than made small to be enlarged? I know that enlarging sometimes distorts the details.

Thank you again for your time!!!!
Comment by Peter N. Jones on September 24, 2007 at 10:00am

Congrats on getting your book and publishing company up and running. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

As for logos, there is no hard and fast rule. Generally, it is smart to put your logo on all of your products, along with the company name. This means the logo and name should be on your website, inside your books (on the copyright/ISBN page), on stickers, bookmarks, everything that represents you and your company. It is like branding. As for on the outside of your book, it depends. Some put the logo on the spine but not the name of the publishing company. Other times it is the other way around. If you logo and company name are combined into one graphic, such as Soundstrue or Shambhala does (look them up on the web), then you can put both.

I generally just put the company name on the spine and on the back of the book. I put the logo on the inside and on everything else.

Also, make sure the logo is done in a raster-based graphics program (Adobe Illustrator, etc.) so that it can be properly rasterized, sized, and made into the necessary file types for the various places you will be putting it (i.e., gif and .jpeg files for the web, TIFF files for the book and print material).



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