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Hello everyone,

My book, The Rhythm of my soul has finally been released on or and enter my name leigha hoffner. I am so exited i also have a few contests going on so please check out my website for more info.

Here is the latest review of my book:

I found this read sensitive,provocative and revealing. Leigha unleashes the most inner of her soul. "I'm Just A Baby" was so heart wrenching. It tells of a babies cries to God not be destroyed by it's mother. My eyes moistened as I fought to read it through. "Dear Lord, I'm just a baby, please make her understand,she's not suppose to kill me or leave me in this can". An extremely emotional read. "The Impact of Inferiority" leigha brings contemplation of this subject in her prose. She reveals the disstress that one can aquire from housing such thoughts. revealing the breakdown of the natural order of ones self when submitting to the pride of thinking inferior. I found leighs book "The Rythem of My Soul" very revealing of a womans heartbreaks, tribulations and struggles to claim/or not life as she has lived.

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