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A book I am working on to turn into movie

Here is some of my book...Soon to be a movie people...............

Title: Never Ignore The Dead. 2/15/07
Author: Tina Rhodes-Gilling

Dedication: I dedicate this to all the people who have seen ghost in their life, and had to live in fear that they might be back. I know how it feels to fear something cause I have. I was the only one who felt what I felt. I still fear, but I pray.

Chapter 1)
One day Joseph heard a noise in his closet while he was laying down reading a book in his bed.
Joseph was so into that book that he did not even want to get up, and see what the noise was…he just laid there as if he did not hear anything at all. The noise got louder… so Joseph screamed “mom there is a monster in my room” Joseph mom did not hear what he said... so she said “Joseph did you say something?” “Yes mom… I said there is a monster in my room”…Joseph mom said “ok Joseph stop the playing, and go to bed now”. Joseph said “mom I am not playing come see what is in my closet”…Joseph mom got up to see what was in Joseph closet. When she opened the closet she found a old dirty stink shirt with blood on it, and the words on the shirt read “ whoever finds this shirt will die” Joseph mom dropped the shirt…she looked at Joseph, and said “Joseph how long have this shirt been in your closet?”
Joseph said “just now mom” Joseph mom closed the closet went into her room to call Joseph dad on the phone, because he was still at work… she picked up the phone, and dialed the number, but the phone clicked off before she can finish dialing the number.. “hello” “hello” she said still no dial tone…The front door opened “Joseph mom yelled down the stairs “who is there?” a voice yelled back “its me honey…why? What’s wrong” She said “thank GOD you are home honey”…she ran down the stairs, but only to see something that sound like her husband, but wasn’t her husband…she had no time to scream to Joseph the ghost had took her with him. Joseph came out his room saying “mom come show dad the shirt that’s in my closet” Joseph begin to worry, because his mom did not answer him back, and down stairs was quiet …Joseph felt that something was wrong so he jumped in his bed, and put the blanket over his head crying…Joseph cried him self to sleep…the door opened ,and a man came walking up the stairs towards Joseph room, but Joseph was still asleep. The man pulled the blanket off Joseph head saying “Joseph its daddy” “I saw that mommy wasn’t in the room when I passed it.. so I thought she was in here with you.” Joseph jumped up screaming “dad there was a noise in my closet so I called mommy to come see what the noise was.” “When mommy opened the closet she found a old shirt that read whoever find this shirt will die.” “the front door opened ,and a voice said 'I am home honey' so mom went to meet you, 'but she never came back upstairs.” “dad I put the covers over my head in fear.” Joseph dad went to the closet, and opened the door, but there was no shirt in the closet. Joseph dad said to Joseph “son I think your mom is playing games so she can be with another man” Joseph got angry at his dad for saying that. “Dad I am telling you what mom found before going down the stairs.” “ I heard the voice myself it was your voice dad.” Joseph dad said “ok son you can sleep in my room with me tonight, but in the morning well search the house for mom.” dad closed Joseph room door then they went to his room. Dad opened the closet that was in his room to hang up his work clothes. On the closet floor was a old dirty shirt that smelled like it had been there for years. Joseph dad said “Joseph is this the shirt you are talking about.” Joseph got up to see what his dad was talking about. Joseph started screaming “dad do not read it.. that’s the shirt mom read before she disappeared.” Joseph said “ on the shirt dad it has the words whoever finds this shirt will die.” Joseph dad said “ok maybe if I don’t read it nothing will happen.” He told Joseph “to stay on the bed until he come back from down stairs.” Joseph said “ no dad please don’t go that’s the same thing mom said to me before she went down stairs after finding that shirt.” dad said “ok come with me I have to get a bag to put the shirt in so I can throw it outside.” Joseph got off the bed grabbing his dads hand …he was shaking scared. They went down stairs to the kitchen to get the bag. Dad opened the kitchen closet to get the bag. In the closet was another shirt, but this time it was facing up with no writing on it, but it had blood all over it…this shirt belonged to Joseph mom. Joseph dad grabbed the bag put the shirt in the bag he grabbed Joseph ran up the stairs to his room. Joseph was standing next to his dad, because he was to scared to be away from his dad right now. Joseph dad picked up the shirt, and put it into the same bag with his wife shirt that he had found in the kitchen closet. He took Joseph hand, and headed out the door. On the porch was a shovel for when it snowed… dad used it to shovel the snow. It was summer time so no snow was coming no time soon. Dad grabbed the shovel off the porch while Joseph followed him into the back yard. The yard had a dim light in it, so dad was able to see what he was doing. Dad started to dig the hole, but then he said “ I do not want the shirts buried in our backyard.” he took Joseph hand, and left the back yard. He locked the front door opened the car doors telling Joseph to “ get in” Joseph got in the car. He didn’t even ask dad where was they going. He sat in the car quiet. Dad drove for about thirty minutes before they stopped. Dad said “ come on son lets go” Joseph was scared, because dad drove them to a cemetery where the dead is buried. Joseph held on tight to his dad hand as they walked through the cemetery ten o’clock at night to bury some shirts. Dad made it to the spot where he was going to bury the shirts. He stopped to dig the hole when he saw a stone all by it self. He started reading the stone, and it read “ Marie Clay Jean on it. Dad dropped the shovel to read more.” Marie Clay Jean, from 3/10/1975- 2/15/2007. Dad got real scared, and started coughing falling to the floor holding his mouth so he will not scream out loud. Joseph said “dad what is it?” Joseph started reading the stone he said “ dad that is moms grave” Joseph started backing up away from the stone. As he was backing up something touched his shoulder he turned around only to see a girl standing there with blood all over her face. Joseph ran back to his dad who was still on the floor in shock. The girl came closer toward them. “oh no” dad said “Keri Anne” the girl was Joseph sister who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of three years old. When dad, and Joseph looked up again Keri Anne was gone, and so was the tomb stone his mom was in. Joseph said “dad the stone is gone to” dad said “I see son lets just bury these shirts so we can go home.” Dad started digging the hole… he dug for about five minutes, and it was a nice size hole. He grabbed the bag putting them into the hole, but before he can start covering it with the dirt. The shovel started shaking in his hand, and a face appeared in the hole where the bag was. Joseph started crying, but dad said “Joseph do not get scared, and run …just stay near me ok son” Joseph said “ ok daddy.” the face was his moms face, but dad knew she was dead so he did not pay any attention to the face in the ground. He told Joseph to 'ignore the face, because its not really his mom face its just a ghost.” After dad said that the shovel stopped shaking, and his wife voice started talking loud through the grave. Joseph was getting scared he could not stop crying, but he did… He stopped crying ,and started yelling “your not my mom so leave us alone ok.” the voice went away. Dad started covering the bag with the dirt. The hole was covered so dad said “lets go now Joseph.” Joseph said “ok”. they left out the grave . Dad opened the car door for Joseph then went to the other side to get in the car. Dad started driving home. When they reached home Keri Anne was sitting on the stoop in front of the house. Dad told Joseph not to be scared its just the ghosts…Joseph was brave he was not scared any more. He opened his side of the door, and got out with his dad. He held onto his dad hand as they walked towards the house. They both was not scared any more. As they got closer to the house Kerri Anne got up, and ran into the back yard. Dad opened the house door , and they went inside the house.

To be published soon in book form....

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