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Atwater Castle: Gateway to Hell

ISBN-10: 0595457541

Hidden in the Well of Death, located deep within the Devil's toilet was the location of a special amulet Alexis needed to free Ryan, the man she loved. Many before her had tried and failed, thus adding to the long line of souls locked within the gates of Hell. To get there she was forced to make a deal with the Devil himself, to offer up a soul and battle demons as she tried in vain to make her way back home. Ryan needed to blend with living flesh in order to impregnate Alexis, but so did the Devil's servant. Who had given her pleasures of the flesh like nothing she ever knew existed? Who had planted their seed within her womb? Would she deliver the amulet and set the bloodline free or open the gateway to hell and allow the devil's spawn to rule the world? Join Alexis as she discovers the true meaning of sex on another level and sets her world on fire!

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