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Slavery Segregation Integration Degradation

I realize that much of Black History is not taught in American schools. I hope that this will change some day, and that Americans who have made this a strong and prosperous Country will receive the acknowledgement they deserve. I realized that this would not happen under the present conditions and wondered, "What can I do to make a difference?" My answer was to write a book.

I felt that this was such a complex and complicated subject, and I didn't have any idea how to begin. I couldn't even decide on a title! So many titles entered my mind, but I didn't feel that any of them were suitable for the subjects I wanted to write about.

I awakened from sleep one morning with a title for this book on my mind, and it felt right, Slavery Segregation Integration Degradation . This title also gave me what concerned me most: The direction in which to take this book and to bring up subjects I felt needed to be reviewed.

It is my goal to convey to the reader my observations and research. I have studied American events that have occurred and are a true part of history.

This book is presented in a synopsis format; the objective of this book is to inform the reader of other ways to observe people, events, and certain situations.

My book Slavery Segregation Integration Degradation is about historical events and current events that have taken place in these United States . The way this country was constituted in the past still carries some of its prejudicial ideas into the present.

America has become rich, prosperous, and powerful from the momentous inventions created by African Americans. I will highlight a few black Americans that have been more than an asset in the progress and development of American advancement in becoming a world power.

SSID tells the historical Truth of A Peoples Struggle Against Racial Barriers’’.

Title: Slavery Segregation Integration Degradation (SSID) purchase your copy today.

ISBN: 0-9771554-0-4

Publisher: Morris Publishing

Price: $12.95

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P.O. Box 1475

Owings Mill, MD 21117

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