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Name: Anthony Toro


United States

Tell us what makes you proud to be a writer from your City, State or Country:
Aside from the obvious fact that I am proud to be born and raised in America, I am hopeful to shine a light on the natural beauty of the Southern United States. There are references throughout my story promoting the magnificence of Southern Arizona, from the picturesque sunsets to the intensity of the climate changes in and around Tucson.

What or who inspired you to become a writer: Tell us why you write the genre(s) that you write:
The biggest inspiration to writing has been my parents, wife and children. My parents always taught me to reach for my dreams as anything is possible. My wife has provided me with the love, support and motivation to stay the course, and my children have provided me with the motivation to deliver this important message of Internet stalking. I started this novel roughly nine years ago and my desire to impart to my kids the importance of finishing what you start made it that much more necessary to pursue publishing my work.
I have always enjoyed the potential that exists within any fictional suspense/thriller novel. A good suspense/thriller will challenge the reader's mind, creating the opportunity to become a part of the writer's work. From character traits to visual images, the story can be transformed into a more personal description ultimately providing the invested reader to become absorbed and desiring to read more, which is what every writer aspires to create.

What special projects are you working on now and what books do we have to look forward to in the future? I am currently working on another Fictional Suspense/Thriller called "The Insured". This story is about a young, up-and-coming Health Insurance Executive, Del Miller, who stumbles across corruption and murder among his large Health Maintenance Organization. As the murder plot unravels, Del finds himself caught in the middle and forced to act expeditiously to save his family and his own life.
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