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Sustainable Winning

Cause winning effects and you will double your thrivings

Lately, after releasing a book about learning and winning I have given a lot of thought to sustainability. Many people have also asked me what, to my opinion, is winning.

“The Winning Helix” offers answers from a point of view of a research:

To be the first

To be the best

To reach a measurable goal

To achieve a goal, be it state of mind, battle, competition

To win oneself

To win others

To make things click

To see connections between different things

To learn

To confront courageously a conflict and sort it out

To negotiate a good deal

To succeed with a challenge

To exceed the own limits

To conquer something that is difficult

To grow as a human being

And my own experience:

“The winning feeling is more than success, it is the feeling when a person can for a moment feel like a king and let the vanishing thought: “I am the only one in the world who did this” hover in his/her mind.”


There is also a third approach to winning which is not expressed in the book:

I believe that true winning is "sustainable winning" which would be something like win+win(+win), meaning that true sustainable winning occur when both parties win and they also provide winning effects to a third party/third parties.
The traditional win-win situation, to my opinion, is not enough to save the world and can (-and often is-) in fact be based on partnership-egotism.

It is fashionable to speak about "corporate core values" they often however being such in their generality that within them almost everything is possible. In the ultimate situations where the profit is threatened - do those values actually work? I think that the formula for sustainable winning, win+win(+win), helps to create true values that guide ethical decisionmaking also in tough situations .

The world is a village. What I do, however small it feels, it has effects on my neighbours. I will study and learn to live and behave according to this formula and wish that you could join me.

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