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Are there any Florida authors out there?

Hi there! I know I posted somethng before about looking for local authors but I didn't get anything back from anyone. So I thought I would try this again.

I have a huge book signing planned for March 8 and 9 and I am looking for authors to attend. It's going to be at a very large Flea market which has about 40 thousand visitors passing through every weekend.

If you would like to attend the manager is only charging us $10.00 per table, (they are 4 x 8) and you can split the cost with another author if you want.

If interested email me at and I ask that you put in the subject line March book signing. This way I won't delete you because i don't know you.

Bring your own books, your CD's your audio books. Multi genre, any genre, any publisher, come on join us.



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