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the sexy marching band
down on main street,
there's a sea of faces,styles and fashions,
they came from near and far,
lining both sides of the street,
in the city where i live,
there's a angel ,leading the parade,
down on main street,
my little girl is high stepping,
head thrown back holding a flag,
lord have mercy she's growing so fast,
the band that she leads,
plays loud and clear,
every note you hear,
just a beat in time,
to marching feet,
look a there at the float,
gyanese spong bob
sponge bob has his day,
with my angel leading the way,
the crowd all smiles,clowns tossing candy,
u should see all the little children grabbing,
on this bright sun shiny day,
perfect for a parade,

here comes the politicians,
waving with plastered smiles,
on this day they take a back sit,
to the angel leading the parade,
my daughter is marching right up there,
with GOD almighty,
head tossed back,pony tails flinging,
to the tune the band is playing,
then she stops to do that funky dance.,
step to the right,slide to the left,
that i have yet to get,
tho she have shown me,
time and time again,
it's just an angel thing,
down on main street,
my angel leads the parade,
out there on main street,
there's angel high stepping and kicking.
lord i thought i saw it all,
till i saw my daughter,
stop! and pause ,strut her stuff,
step to the right ,slide to the left,
after that my eyes bucked ,
wtf,,,,i thought i would faint,
my little girl,my angel,
was getting her eagle on,
she would stop pause move to the right,
then slide to the left,
with a smile from ear to ear,
she got her eagle on.amongst ,
the claps and cheer,
from a crowd gone wild,
i turned my head to the sky,
and felt GOD smile,
at my little girl ,
getting her eagle on.
down on mainstreet
Drop down and get your eagle on
Marching Band Icon
down on main street, ps for those of you who don't know what is meant by getting ur eagel on,shake booty up and down ,round and round.,by the way she can nolonger watch b.e.t till i find out where that came from.peace wisemanspeeks

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